Sherban’s Diner (South Plainfield)

Sherban’s Diner (South Plainfield)

Last week, the owner of New Jersey and I met up at the Sherban Diner in South Plainfield.  We’ve both been to most of the diners in Somerset and Middlesex Counties, so Sherban’s was one of the few we haven’t been too.

We met up around 6 pm on a weekday. There were only a few people in the restaurant.

Her website, New Jersey Isn’t Boring, has opened my eyes to so many different things the state has to offer.  If you ever venture off of the turnpike, I highly suggest you check out her website.

Sherban’s Diner Atmosphere: B
Sherban’s Diner has an older atmosphere too it, and that’s because Sherban’s Diner has been around over 40 years. Not in the traditional old dining car way, but it is in an older building with an older design to it.  It was clean, and there was nothing terrible about it, but it could use a remodel.  It reminded me of a casual “mom and pop” restaurant.

Sherban's Diner

Sherban’s Diner Service: C
When we arrived at Sherban’s Diner, there were only three other parties in the restaurant.  After waiting several minutes for a waitress to come over, a waitress asked if anyone had helped us.  We said no, and she said she guessed she would do it.  She didn’t come around often, and I felt as if I was begging for drink refills.  She also never asked if we wanted dessert and assumed we did not. It took another 10 minutes for dessert.

Sherban’s Diner Coffee: B
At Sherban’s Diner, there was nothing unique about the coffee flavor.  I did like the cute tea mugs they used.

Sherban's Diner

Sherban’s Diner Food: C
When I arrived at Sherban’s Diner, I wasn’t that hungry.  They had several options.  I knew the “cucumber salad” was one of their signature dishes, so I ordered it, and honestly, nothing was interesting about it.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t unique or interesting.

Sherbans Diner Cucumber salad

I also ordered the Sherban’s Diner “famous” Greek Salad with chicken.  The salad didn’t come with anything unusual. I don’t know why the menu states it is as: famous.  It was one of the most boring salads I’ve had.  Plus, they didn’t give any pita bread with the salad.  It might be the first Greek salad without pita I’ve had. Sherban's Diner

I ordered the Greek bread as a side which was honestly my favorite part of the meal.  Sherban's Diner

Sherban’s Diner Dessert: C
I ordered the Coconut cake as a dessert to go.  The actual cake was dry, but the whipped cream frosting was good.  The shredded coconut was overpowering.  The cake was decent, but once again, it wasn’t that unusual.

Sherban's Diner

Sherban's Diner

Sherban’s Diner Price: $$$
For my cucumber salad, Greek salad, bread, cake, and coffee, the cost was $25.  Honestly, it wasn’t worth the price at all.  Something I found entertaining, is they charged 25 cents for a to-go box.  Sherbans diner recipt

I’ve never been charged for a to-go box before.  Was the price worth the meal? No.

Summary/Would I come back to Sherban’s Diner (South Plainfield)?
Sherbans Diner wasn’t anything to write home about. It wasn’t terrible, and everything was edible. However, it isn’t somewhere I would go out of my way to go too.  In fact, I probably won’t be back.  You have to take the good with the bad, though.

I had a great time catching up, which was the important part, to begin with…You can see Cyd’s review of Sherban’s Diner (South Plainfield) here.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Service: C
Food: C
Dessert: C


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Questions for you:
Have you ever been charged for a to-go box? 
Do you like coconut cake?

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  1. Bread is the best part of any meal, for me. 🙂 And I hate tea, but love teacups, so the coffee served in a teacup sounds great to me!

  2. Wowser! That is a dinky salad for $15!!! And then $2.25 for the bread. I wouldn’t return either 🙂 I agree with your and Liz’s comment – that tea cup is adorable.

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