Asics Cumulus 18 Review

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

As most people know by now, I’m recovering from an injury, and I’ve been on the hunt for finding a shoe with enough cushion.  The first (of a few) shoes I chose was the Asics Gel Cumulus.  I’ve no stranger to Asics, and I’ve reviewed the Nimbus, Quantum 360 as well as the FuzeX.

Speaking of the Asics Quantum, it’s retired from running and is my favorite shoe to walk around in.  It’s been the shoe protecting my feet while recovering and I like the cushion for hiking too.

Back to the Asics Cumulus: I’ve worn previous Asics Cumulus models to work and run minimally, but I never posted a Asics Cumulus shoe review.  So with the latest update of the Asics Cumulus and running miles, I decided to post a review.

I’m not sponsored by Asics and they aren’t paying me to promote their shoes. I’ve run on a variety of surfaces including the pavement, treadmill, and alter G treadmill.

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

Asics Cumulus 18 Fit: 

The fit of the Asics Cumulus 18 is much better than previous models.  While most Asics shoes run narrow, the latest model is wider and able to accommodate wider feet like mine.  I usually wear a size 10, and it’s a good fit. The ortholite sockliner in the Asics Cumulus adds extra cushion.

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

Asics Cumulus 8 Ride: 

Like most Asics models, the Asics Cumulus uses gel.  I like having all of that cushion and feeling under my feet, and I feel the support.  The Asics Cumulus has more gel in the back of the heel as well as ankle.  Truthfully, I could use a little bit more in the forefront, which is probably why I prefer the Asics Nimbus or Asics Quantum for walking around.

The Asics Cumulus is still heavier than many of its rivals such as the Brooks Ghost or Saucony Ride. However, it is a lighter Asics shoe.  There is plenty of cushion whether you are running 1 mile (like me!) or 100.

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

Asics Cumulus 18 Conclusion:

If you need a neutral shoe with a sufficient amount of cushioning, the Asics Cumulus is a great model for you.  Personally, I like the Asics Cumulus, and I’ll keep it in my rotation for the entire duration of it’s running shoe life.

Asics Cumulus 18 Shoe Review

Similar models: Brooks Ghost, Mizuno Wave Rider, Saucony Ride or Asics FuzeX

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Questions for you:

Have you run in Asics? Have you tried the Asics Cumulus 18?

Do you like a heavy or light weight shoe when running?

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  1. I love Asics and have been running in them for 25 years. I’m in the Cumulus light show right now and love them. I am interested in trying the 18 and I prefer a lighter shoe, thanks for the review!

  2. Anytime i’ve tried a lighter shoe for long distance (over 3-5 mi), i get heel pain. So i stick to the heavy ones for the long stuff. I started running in the Nimbus and liked them, but eventually they started to feel heavy. Now I want to go try these out 🙂

  3. I love asics. definitely my go to right now. Do you have any recommendations for good, supportive running shoes for people with high arches?

  4. I just got the Asics Cumulus 18 (different color) and have been running them for 3 weeks. I love them. They feel light and bouncy and I am pretty happy with them.

  5. I made the mistake of
    Running for 6 months in a pair of Saucony and the 4mm heal/toe offset gave me Achilles probs. Now running in Asics Cumulus Gel 18s with 10mm offset but still having an Achilles

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