ON Cloud Surfer Shoe Review

Last month, we decided to bring in a new brand to the store.  I’ve heard of ON before, and I knew elite, Alana Hadley ran in them but past that, I hadn’t given them much thought.  In fact, I didn’t know too much about the brand in general.  I ran in these a bit before my running break and have put just over 100 miles on them.

ON Cloudsurfer review


ON Running shoes run narrow.  Our rep was gracious enough to tell me they run big length wise but they do run very narrow width wise.  I don’t feel it’s enough room to fit my foot.  My feet are normally comfortable in a 9.5 wide or a normal width 10.  However, the ten was still too narrow for me.  Since ON Running shoes don’t come in wide widths yet, if I do choose to try them again I will be purchasing a men’s shoe.

ON Cloudsurfer review

The material of the top is comfortable, flexible and breathable. The mesh upper provides a breathable and comfortable fit.


It’s a very soft ride.  With a name like Cloud Surfer, you would probably expect it.  While running, I did feel like I was bouncing off the clouds.  It’s comfortable, but it isn’t too soft.  It uses cloud pocketsI feel like it’s the perfect combination of soft cushioning with responsiveness.

ON Cloudsurfer review

The technology called “clouds” provides support where you need it.  When you strike the ground, the cloud chambers compress and respond when you push off.  It’s both soft for landing but firm when you toe off.

Similar models:

Brooks Ghost and Glycerin and Asics Nimbus

  • Soft and well cushioned
  • Cushioning forms to where you need
  • $10 less than many other high similar cushioned models
  • Narrow Fitting
  • Difficult to find unless at a local running store
Overall Opinion:

I like the soft ride of the ON Cloud Surfer, but the shoe is too narrow for my foot.  Hopefully, eventually the shoe comes in widths, or I’ll try a men’s comparable size for longer runs.  I can get away with it for anything less than 10 miles before my feet swell.

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Questions for you:
Have you heard or tried ON Running Shoes?
Do you have a wide or narrow foot?

Mine is wide…maybe one day I’ll fit into a women’s 4E.  Just kidding but I do need a wider shoe most of the time.

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  1. I saw these shoes at our LRS and tried them on- when I was injured 2 years ago the lady working there recommended them to me as a neutral shoe I could try (I ended up with a different shoe, though). You are right that they are narrow and also very difficult to find. Our local Fleet Feet store doesn’t carry them but the other LRS in town, The Foot Store, does. That’s actually the only place I’ve ever seen them!

  2. I work in the outdoor industry and kep seeing these on 3point5 (vendor prodeal site) so when given an opportunity to try them on at an expo, I went for it. I can imagine they’d have a decent ride for at least short to mid cruises but I wonder about longer distances too. I don’t recall which model I tried but it felt slim and I have a normal-erring-on-skinny foot. (Nitably at the time the rep said they were trying to go after Lauren Fleshman. Guess that didn’t work out.)

    1. Ha! We have access to threepointfive too but to be honest, I have yet to branch out and use it LOL.

      1. If nothing else it’s fun to nerd out on other products. I will totally admit I’ve taken trainings and learned about brands I know I personally would probably never use because it’ll up my “Expert Score.” Still, knowledge for free is good!

  3. im so glad you posted this! i’ve seen this at a running store in orlando but my local running store doesnt carry them and i was really curious about the ride. sad to hear they run really narrow but good to know for sure! thanks for the review!!

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand but I will see if my local shop has them. I have pretty narrow feet so maybe they would be a good shoe for me.

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