Training: Finally Feeling Good
Long time no talk right?

I haven’t posted as much on Fridays lately but I thought with a race this weekend, I thought I would update on my foot and personal life.

saucony a6 me run

A photo of me holding shoes must mean I’m back again right? 

After stopping my run two Sundays ago (because of pain above my 3-4rd metatarsal), I was positive I had a stress fracture or at least a reaction.  What else is up there?  There is lots of bone and a few nerves and muscles that connect.  The pain felt similar to the precursor of when I had my 2nd metatarsal fracture.

By Tuesday, I was in Dr. Kemonosh’s office.  My mentality was “if they could do deep tissue work, it couldn’t possibly be a fracture, right?”  One of his associates, Craig, did various tests including bending my toes and feeling each bone.  He was pretty sure nothing was broken but he told me to get an X-ray to be sure.  I wanted to know too!

In my opinion, injuries are awful but not knowing kind of injury is worse.  The x-ray came out clean.  Long story short, I had a pinched nerve between my toes from wearing too small of racing shoes and possibly too small/tight of socks.  It’s embarrassing considering I work at a running store and know my foot size but since removing them out of the equation I’ve been fine.  I’ll have to purchase bigger racing shoes.

So what is coming up?

Last year, I gutted out Broad Street and it was the first time for a few months I felt good.  For my newer readers, I ran the Phoenix full marathon and finished with an injury to my butt, hips and hamstring.  I got married, went on a honeymoon and came back at the end of April.  The ART and rest allowed my muscle issue to sort itself out.  I ran Broad Street 20 seconds slower than when I was in my ultimate fitness in 2014.  Moving on, this April I ended on a good note again.

I must like the end of April! 

So 300 words later, where am I now?

My foot is back to normal, and I am going to race Broad Street.  Since I’ve been resting the last two weeks, I’m not sure how this race will go.  I don’t feel “well rested, tapered and recovered,” I feel like my legs forgot what running is.  Since I’m able to run healthy and be motivated to run again, I don’t have any complaints.

That’s all I have.  My parents, as well as my inlaws, are both coming into town to also race Broad Street, so I’m excited to see them again.  It’s going to be a busy but fun weekend.

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Questions for you:
What are your weekend plans?
Have you ever had a foot issue?

I don’t play around with pain in the feet. There isn’t a lot down there and since I run on my toes, my metatarsals take more impact than I would like.