Adidas Energy Boost Review

Adidas Energy Boost Shoe Review

This was the first pair of adidas shoes I’ve run in.  We’ve stocked adidas for a long time at work but never committed to buying a pair and running in them.    When we received the new adidas Energy Boost 3, I decided I would try them out. Did you know the “a” in adidas isn’t capitalized? It’s adidas, not Adidas (unless at the front of a sentence). Anyway, I digress.


Adidas is not paying me to review their shoe, and all opinions are my own.

adidas Energy Boost Fit:

The adidas Energy Boost, as well as most adidas shoes, are narrow.  Unfortunately, the adidas energy boost is not available in a wide width.  I have a wide foot and wear between a 9.5 wide or size 10.  While I was comfortable in an adidas energy boost size 10, I think I would be more comfortable in size ten wide.

Adidas energy boost 3

The upper is seamless and stretches.  Having a seamless upper has become more popular in running shoes.  The upper fits and accommodates bunions or sore spots without irritating feet.  With the wider toe box, it’s able to accommodate my feet, despite the shoe still being too narrow.  If the shoe was mesh, I wouldn’t be able to run comfortably at all.

The heel counter of the adidas energy boost is slightly harder, so be aware.

adidas Energy Boost 3 Ride:

Adidas is well known for its boost material.  The boost material is the same material as BMW dashboard.  If it’s good enough for BMWs, it must be good enough for adidas running shoes right?

Adidas claims the boost material last longer.  Since I’ve seen several customers run through different models, I can say this is pretty much true.  Most running shoes last about 400 miles and the adidas Boost line lasts about 600.

The adidas boost midsole material is more firm and responsive.  Every step feels like a bouncy springboard with energy return.  To me, the adidas energy boost feel the most similar to Newtons because of how bouncy they are.  There is another step up, the adidas ultra boost, which gives even more boost technology and boost cushioning.  The adidas energy boost is good for road running, treadmill, or wherever you want to run.

Adidas energy boost 3

adidas Energy Boost Pros:

  • The shoes last longer
  • Seamless upper design can accommodate more foot shapes

adidas Energy Boost Cons:

  • Cost
  • No widths available

My Current Running Shoe Rotation:
Saucony Triumph ISO 2 (the majority of miles)
Saucony Kinvara
Asics FuzeX
adidas Energy Boost

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Questions for you:
Have you run in Adidas before?
What shoe are you currently working out in? 

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  1. you know these are my favorite!!! I do need a wide toe box and although these are narrow, the sock like fit at the front makes the difference for me – so super comfy. as you know, I did go up a half size from what I was wearing and I do find them even more comfortable. I have been running in the energy boost since the fall of 2013. definitely the best running shoes I have ever worn!

  2. I have a pair of these that I bought almost a year ago. You know how I feel about my Nimbus, so trying a new kind of shoes was a big deal! I do really like them – I have bunions, so the stretchy upper was really nice for that but it still hugs my foot and doesn’t feel like my foot is moving around. I don’t like them for long runs (anything over about 8-10 miles). Maybe I just didn’t give them enough time to do long runs, but i prefer to use them on shorter distances.

  3. As you know, these are MY SHOES!! I absolutely love them and yes, I can tell you that they last 600 miles for sure. In fact, I need to get a new pair…:-)

  4. Nice review, Hollie! I have never ran in Adidas before, but someone I used to run with was a devoted Adidas fan and loved them!

  5. I’ve never ran in Adidas before and am pretty attached to my Brooks. But these are cute! Tempting to get a pair for walking/hanging around shoes.

  6. i had the original adidas boost and loved them but i think the way i run burned them out too fast because i knees would start hurting with them. i want to try them out again though because i did love them so much

  7. I have a pair of Boosts. I don’t wear them super often, but whenever I lace them up, they feel like home–to me, it feels similar to a Saucony.

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