Asics FuzeX Shoe Review

In the running specialty world, Spring brings several updates of running shoes.  I have a few reviews in March and April. For the most part, I’ve been happy with the shoes I’ve tried, but then again I don’t buy things I think I won’t like…

The FuzeX is a new shoe from Asics. We brought it to our local running store.  With all of the information I knew about the shoe, it seemed like one I might like.  I am particular with my running shoes.  I run well in cushioned neutral shoes so for the most part; that is what I’ll review but feel free to ask me about most shoes.

Asics FuzeX shoe review

Remember what works for me might now work for you.  

Asics is not paying me to review their shoes.  I prefer not being compensated for shoe reviews because I can take my time as well as write about the positive and negative aspects. 

It’s hard to break into considering a new running shoe.  Where do you begin?  What do you compare it too?


The upper is unique.  It’s thicker than traditional mesh but still breathable.

Is it waterproof?  No, but it is thicker and seamless.  If you recall, I loved the feeling of the Asics Nimbus. However, the upper didn’t fit my foot well and caused my feet to bleed.  With the seamless fit, that issue is not there for the Asics FuzeX.

Asics generally run on the narrow side.  I wear between a size 9.5 wide and size 10 in traditional running shoes.  I fit comfortably into a size 10 of the FuzeX.

FuzeX Review


Compared to other Asics shoes, the FuzeX is much lighter. Since the technology combines both gel and foam, it weighs less.  Gel is the heaviest cushioning technology, so removing part of the gel removes part of the weight.  So far I’ve run over 100 miles in the shoes, and I like how responsive and lightweight the shoes are.  I like the FuzeX to run faster-paced runs.

Another important aspect of the shoe is it’s an 8mm drop.  Most Asics shoes are between 11-12, so it will affect the workload on your calves.

If you currently run in any Asics gel shoe (and there are a lot: Cumulus, Nimbus, 2000 and Kayano…to name a few), it’s a different feeling.  The foam makes the shoe much lighter and more responsive.  So far I’ve run over 100 miles in the shoes, and I like how responsive the shoes are. I’ve run in both the Asics Cumulus and the Asics Nimbus.  The FuzeX almost feels like it would be a racing shoe comparatively.  I like the FuzeX to run faster-paced runs as well as daily runs.  To be honest, I was surprised with how much I like them.  I alternate them in my lightweight training shoes.

To be honest, I was surprised with how much I like them.  I alternate them in my lightweight training shoe rotations.

Asics FuzeX Review

Other Interesting Points:

  • It’s one of the cheapest neutral trainers on the market right now at $110.
  • It looks more like a stability shoe than neutral.

Similar models:
Asics Cumulus and Asics Nimbus
Nike Pegasus
Saucony Zealot and Ride
Brooks Ghost
Mizuno Wave Rider

Don’t forget about the benefits of alternating running shoes too! 

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Questions for you:
What are your current staple running shoes?
Have you ever tried a new running shoe? 

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  1. I started running in Asics and I still like them, but prefer Saucony brand for my personal needs. Fun to see shoe reviews because everyone has such different needs.

  2. Hi Hollie,
    Thanks for the review. This might be a shoe I would consider, since I like the Peg as well.

  3. I ran in Asics when I first started running but they didn’t do it for me. I think it’s really cool that you get to try out all different shoes. I am a Brooks girl!

  4. I tried this shoe out on an easy 5 miler at a Fleet Feet group run recently so I really enjoyed reading your review. Based on my 5 miles in the shoe, I really wanted to buy them (I haven’t yet but I don’t really need shoes and have other things to spend money on in the next month or two).

    I do not wear Asics and never have so I can’t compare to other Asics, but they were super lightweight feeling for a trainer. I was surprised to read what they weigh because they weigh more than my usual shoes but felt about the same when I was running. They were very responsive and I found myself running a little faster than I thought I would be without realizing it. It felt like I was running on clouds but at the same time, had the responsiveness of a racing flat.

    I also really like the blue/navy/yellow color combination. Looks a little flashier than some of the Asics out there.

    I’m about 90% sure I’ll be buying these shoes when the budget allows.

    1. It’s actually one of the less expensive shoes in its class. I look forward to hearing what you think Amy!

  5. I’ve been running in the Brooks Pure line for over 4 years. Haven’t made the switch yet but these seem good and they look awesome. May have to do a test run.

  6. I’m currently wearing Brooks Ghost 7s but need to update my shoe soon. I might try these out as you said they are similar to the Ghosts.

  7. Woah, I leave run-specialty for one week, and there’s a new shoe I haven’t heard, of, ha! It’s nice Asics developed a lighter shoe, especially after the Metarun …

  8. I haven’t run in Asics since high school, but I like my Zealots and Wave Riders so I may have to check those out!

  9. How do you think they’d compre to the gel pursue? Asics have been the best shoes I’ve run in, for all of my running time!

    1. The FuzeX has more cushion then pursue. It weighs about the same since the cushioning is a mix of foam and gel!

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