A Look at My Race Mornings

My pre-race morning is nothing clever, interesting or exciting and to be honest; I like it that way.  Race mornings are better off boring and uneventful.  I received a few questions about what a “typical” race morning looks like for me so I thought I would share!

I like to wake up between 2-3 hours before a race.  My optimal race time is between 8:30-9, but I’m not a race director and don’t get too choose.  This usually means I wake up around 5:30.  I normally don’t have an issue waking up that early.

I get out of bed, brush my teeth, fix breakfast and coffee. Proper hygiene is a must for life, not just racing…

I drink 16 ounces of coffee.  I homebrew it.  There was a time my stomach didn’t react well to coffee, but lately, it seems to be fine.  I don’t drink coffee before regular runs, just races.

My breakfast consists of coffee and a waffle with peanut butter

My waffle recipe (for 1):
2/3 cup flour
1 cup water
1 egg
1tsp baking powder

A homemade waffle.
A homemade waffle.

I hesitate to call it a recipe.  I mix the batter together and pour on the waffle iron.  I top with peanut butter and eat.  It’s worked well for the past three years.

I actually eat the same breakfast every morning, whether I’m running or not.  It’s not fancy, but it’s about 600 calories of carbs, fat and a little bit of protein.

As you can see, my pre-race eating is low key and boring.  After eating and hanging out on the Internet, I head to the race.  I’m lucky most races are no more than an hour drive.

I like to get to the race start about an hour before the race.  After arriving, I pick up my bib and warm up between 3-4 miles.  The longer the race, the shorter my warm up but I do whatever feels good.  I don’t worry about pace.  Either you worry about pace during a warmup/cooldown, or you worry about pace during a race.  It’s up to you.

I like to use the bathroom about 10 minutes before the race, change into my racing flats and get a spot on the starting line.

Then I just relax, talk to whoever I see and wait for the race to start. I don’t normally get stressed before race mornings because I figure what happens, happens.  As long as I know where I’m going and don’t get lost, I’m fine.

Liz and I start

There you have it, a typical race day for me!

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Questions for you:

What does a typical race day look like for you?

What’s your favorite breakfast?