Training: Taper and 13.1 PR

Another week of training down.  As most people know  I’m in California for the later part of the week and into next week.  Last week was divided into two key components:

Cold running and warm running

It was also a taper week for me, and I took two rest days, cut my speed workout down in mileage and pace and just relaxed.  I tried to sleep more but changing time zones was not helpful for that.

Monday: Easy cold run and deep tissue massage
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 11.25-mile progression run
Thursday: Easy Recovery Run
Friday: OFF and travel
Saturday: Easy run in Coronado
Sunday: Carlsbad Half Marathon 1:22.57 PR

On Monday, I ran easy and got a deep tissue massage afterwards.  I mentioned last week about how much I raved about deep tissue, and I find them keep my muscles healthy before a big race.

On Tuesday, we had the coldest day of the year.  I woke up tired and sore, and since I was tapering, I used it as an extra rest day.  I don’t like the cold, so it was fine.

Workout Wednesday: 11.25 miles 90 minutes

This workout was done on the treadmill.  I began at a 6.5 pace and increased by .1 every 5 minutes.  At each 15 minute point, I increased by .2 and ultimately ended up sprinting the last 5 minutes.  I averaged exactly 8 minute pace that was good.

I don’t think to run fast on the treadmill because I feel like personally it’s where a lot of my injuries have come from.

On Friday, I rested and traveled.  On Saturday T and I ran early and watched the sunrise.  I wanted to sleep in, but it didn’t happen.  I’m already a 5-6am east coast riser, and somehow I slept in until a solid 3:45 am west coast time (6:45 time).  The sunrise was beautiful, though.

me coronado

I’ll have a lengthy recap of my new half marathon PR sometime soon.  In summary the course was actually much hillier than I anticipated.  I thought it was pancake flat like my previous PR but it wasn’t.  The views were gorgeous, and while I felt great, the race did not feel effortless.  I’m ecstatic to be finally making significant visible gains in my fitness.

me carlsbad half marathon

This coming week I’m going to enjoy easy runs on vacation.

Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

What time do you normally wake up?

With my work schedule and running I normally wake up between 5-6am.