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Blog Challenge 4: Reasons Why I Always Make Time for Deep Tissue Massages

Should you get a deep tissue massage

It’s not a thought provoking or “change your life” post, but deep tissue massages are something I make time in my schedule as well as the budget for each month. Deep Tissue Massages keep my muscles healthier and my body recovering from workouts, races and training faster.

I’ve been injured several times in my running career. Most of my injuries are bone related but like any runner I’ve suffered from sore or tight muscles.

So why get deep tissue massages?

The scientific answer: A Massage works to lengthen muscles and restore the range of motion, relieve muscle tightness as well as improve circulation.

First, anyone can foam roll and improve circulation, but if you are like me, then you never get deep enough into your muscles.  Deep tissue massages are done by a professional who knows how to find trigger points, adhesions or tight muscles that are specific to you.

Deep tissue massages will leave you sore at first. They break down scar tissue and muscle adhesions and then flush them out of your system. Personally, when I receive a deep tissue massage, I am sorer for 48 hours and then feel significantly better.

It’s important to tell the masseuse what is sore and what gets the most sore.  Every person and runner is different and a massage is tailored to your needs.  You will get the most benefit by being vocal of what you need.

When should you get a deep tissue massage? 

The timing of a deep tissue massage is necessary. Similar to a workout, it’s important not to get a massage right before a goal race. My personal rule is 3-5 days before.  It allows your muscles to recover.

Your message will also not be as beneficial if you get it the same day after a race. The masseuse will not be able to go as deep into your muscles because they are already swollen. My rule of thumb is waiting 1-2 days afterwards.

I am just speaking from personal experience with deep tissue massages. I’ve found they keep the majority of my muscles injury free and keep my running well too.

For anyone in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area, Dr. Kemenosh has just added deep tissue massages back into the list of methods they utilize over there.  (Dr. Kemenosh and his team fixed my glute, hamstring and butt issue injury after my marathon).   I can’t say enough positive things about their team!

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Questions for you:
Have you ever gotten a deep tissue or any massage?


  1. I get massages relatively frequently. It’s the only thing that keeps my calves from forming knots that stop me from running for 4 months at a time. I’m actually due for another one asap. I highly recommend it to anyone I talk to- I truly believe it’s one of the few things that does make a huge difference (foam rolling/stretching don’t help me as much) and I budget for it accordingly.

    1. I’m just going to jump in here and say it because it is what I do everyday and your comment caught my eye. I’ve heard that exact story from a few runners in my practice now and we have either made it much better, or completely fixed the problem using Active Release Technique. Here is a link for the “Find A Provider” —

      I’m the guy who work on Hollie as noted above in the article. Find someone near you who is full body certified and get those calves in better shape / skip that months of downtime blues.

  2. I love getting deep tissue massages and definitely think they help, especially post-race for recovery. I think that foam rolling is a great in-between massage and I use mine every day! I wish deep tissue massages weren’t so pricey, otherwise I’d get them weekly! 🙂

  3. I’ve never gotten a deep tissue massage but I love getting a regular/swedish massage. I am a huge fan of massages and because they’re so relaxing for me, it’s one of those things I never feel guilty spending money on. This is great info!

  4. I started getting massages a few years ago, and you’re right–they make a huge difference. When I first began training diligently, I’d hear stories of people getting massages one a month, and I couldn’t believe it! But I’m totally on that bandwagon now. 🙂

  5. I’ve only had one massage, and I loved it! I’m actually getting a deep tissue massage this weekend – they call it a sports massage…and its a bit shorter than a typical massage. I’ll have to see how I like it. I know many people swear by it!

  6. I had just had my first deep tissues massage a few weeks ago and I was in absolute agony later the same day and the next day, but then did a 20 mile run niggle free and felt far better the next few days so I am now a convert!

  7. I’ve had one and wish I could budget for more! I’m a firm believer in DTM. All the timing advice you give is spot on. It’s exactly how I went through with mine. Have a super weekend! 🙂

  8. I’ve had a few light massage by a PT after a 5K, but that’s it. I know people swear by them for recovery and as part of training. Just not something I’ve ever tried.

  9. I committed myself to regularly seeing a LMT this year. I’ve had so many freakin’ injuries and it’s partially to blame for my tight calves. The LMT I just started going to is amazing. She’s an ultra runner and totally gets all things running. I can only see it helping my running in the future!

    1. I completely understand because calves are my weak point too. Deep tissue massages have always been great to loosen them up. I hope you are able to stay healthy!

  10. I had a few last year, and the first one was soooooooo sore.. It felt like I had just ran a marathon afterwards, but it really helped. After that they got a lot better, and I think they made sure my calf didn’t get injured again.

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