Training: From Highs to Lows to Turkeys…

In summary, this week went from a low to a high and back down to a low.

I woke up on Monday extremely sore. I decided it was better if I took the day off instead. I also got a deep tissue massage.

Tuesday was just an easy run. I still felt sore.

Workout Wednesday: Normally on Wednesdays I do a workout. Whether it’s 400 or mile repeats, I do something. I had a lot of things to do on Wednesday, and my motivation was at a low. I realized there was a 5k on base, and since I had no motivation anyways, I decided just to run it. To be honest, if I hadn’t, I doubt I would have done any speed. It was windy, and I had heavy legs, but I was still able to run a 19:23 which I’m very happy with.

A turkey that I won
A turkey

Thursday and Saturday I ran easy and Friday I rested.

On Sunday, I ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon. I finished in 1:25 which is a progression from where I have been racing…however, to be honest, I’m disappointed with the race. If I ran a better race, I might have been faster. In summary, I ended up running an 18:59 first 5k, 39:21 10k and then slowed down a lot. You can’t race a half marathon like a 5k I guess. Bad races are all part of the game and I’ll have a recap of it sometime this week.

A perfect summary to the last 10 miles of my race
A perfect summary to the last 10 miles of my race
Monday: Rest and Deep tissue massage
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: Base 5k (19:23) Core
Thursday: Easy Run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Easy Run
Sunday: Philadelphia Half Marathon (1:25.00)
Total mileage: 59 miles


I’m disappointed with how Philadelphia went. Unless it’s a marathon, there are very few races I’ve wanted to be over as soon as possible.   It caused my week of training to end on a sour note. At the end of the day, I’m healthy and injury free and that is definitely the most important part.  Looking back I can see my legs were heavy and tired the majority of the week.  That probably played a role in Philadelphia as well.

With Thanksgiving next week, my training will be scattered but I’m honestly not that concerned. I’ll do a turkey trot or two for speed workouts.

This week was all over the place from highs to lows to turkeys…

Questions for you:
Have you had a bad race recently?
How are you planning to cook your Thanksgiving Turkey?