A Bold 5k (19:34)

On Sunday, I went into Pennsylvania and raced a local 5k at the Navy Yard.  I actually have a lot to say about this race.  Despite it being my slowest time in over a month, I’m not disappointed with it.  To preface: I knew during my speed workout last Wednesday, my legs didn’t have their normal pop.  Why would they, I just raced a half marathon last Saturday.

I have been feeling under the weather for the last two weeks, I’ve struggled with taking deep breaths, I haven’t had a lot of pep and I haven’t been sleeping the best.  Combine this with running a half marathon, it makes sense I’m not in my peak condition.  I still went to the race and gave it everything I had.  Which for Sunday was a 19:34 5k.  I’m not disappointed at all.

Let’s rewind a bit.

I got to the race around 8 am.  My husband and I warmed up and got to the start at 8:50.  We lined up in the appropriate spot.  Suddenly the start line was mobbed by about 20 very young children.  It was clear they had never run a 5k before.  Most were in blue jeans, non-athletic shoes and not quite sure what to expect.  Heck at that point, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We were quickly pushed out of the way by the kids…it was a local 5k, and I wasn’t about to be that jerk, washed up an old lady and push the kids out of the way so I could toe the front line.  There are some battles that aren’t worth it.

The race was delayed but finally started around 9:10.  As soon as it started the kids darted everywhere cutting anyone and everyone off.  I’m sure they didn’t mean too, but once again, it was their first 5k, and I doubt they knew 5k etiquette.  By about .1, I found myself as the 6th person and second women.  My legs felt awful, and it was extremely windy.  I hit the first mile in 6:11.  Even though I knew it wouldn’t be my fastest 5k, it still stung a bit to hit the first mile slower than normal.

During the second mile, I found myself alone.  I saw four men in front if me but no one around me.  We were running near the water, so there was a strong wind as well.  I felt miserable, and I’m sure I looked miserable too.  I thrive in out and back courses, so I felt motivated at the turnaround.  I hit the turn around right at 9:58.  As we turned around, my legs began to loosen up.  I didn’t feel good, but I did feel better.  I ran the second mile in 6:20.

During the third mile, I found myself catching and running in stride with another runner.  As we were running the opposite direction some of the children turned around mid-race and began running with us (cutting off over a mile).  Personally I don’t care but once again they began weaving in and out cutting either of us off.  It lasted about half a mile.  Around 2.75, we found ourselves heading directly towards the finish.  There was a huge inflatable banner that couldn’t be missed.  The other runner kept me motivated, and I ended up crushing the last mile in 6:06.

I crossed the finish line in 19:34 and 1st female overall.

me 5kThoughts:

This is my slowest race during the last month, but I also knew I didn’t feel well. In August, I ran the Belmar Chase 5k. It was supposed to be my goal race. I tapered and prepared well for it, and I ran the same time. On Sunday, I ran knowing I felt bad. So my running has progressed significantly since August.

I said on Sunday my plan is to train through this month. I don’t expect my races will be as fast as last month, but the hard work and effort will be.

Questions for you:
Have you ever been cut off or fallen in a race?
Back in college I took a couple of falls during cross country due to being cut off.


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  1. Congrats on the win! I’ve been cut off (totally non-intentionally), but thankfully I was able to not hurt myself. However, I do get very annoyed when people don’t start in the right corral, then walk 5 people across. That is almost worse than getting cut off, because you have to weave around them!

  2. Congrats on taking the overall win! Those kids sound obnoxious and their parents should have been there to corral them. PARENTS.

  3. Great win for you hollie, you did great,especially after a half marathon and under the weather,
    Never been cut off befor . funny every race I go to and see kids dart out fast 3 mins later they are huffing and puffing..lol
    Happy running

  4. I’ve fallen in a track race. I stumbled over the finish line because I was really pushing to win. I actually got myself pretty good with my spikes and still have a pretty nice scar. 🙂

  5. Kids can be so annoying during races sometimes! I like races where there are different divisions and corrals to cut down on congestion. I remember in XC getting shoved a lot and almost falling a few times.

    And congrats on the win! The trophy is HUGE!

  6. Congrats on the race! It’s pretty motivating to realize you didn’t feel well but still ran a time like that. Hopefully you’ll feel more like yourself soon!

  7. Never in a race, but I’ve taken a few spills while boarding after being cut off by people. It was good times 😡 And I still think it was an awesome race for you given all the circumstances. Congrats, Hollie!

  8. The method of training through the races makes so much sense. I imagine it builds such confidence to know that when you DON’T run a half marathon the week before AND you’re feeling well, you’ll be flying at a 5K. A hard effort in much less-than-perfect circumstances are awesome for strength. And since your next immediate goal is the half, the speed sessions are great tune-ups. Well done!

  9. Congratulations on another win.. Yes, getting cut off at the start is a major dislike of mine, it’s happebed a few times when I’ve been hoping for PRs.. Question for you.. Do you try and pace all the same miles the same, or do you try and run the final mile faster?

  10. Glad to see you’re happy with the race… Just keep up the consistency, and it will show (my feeling is, very soon!!)
    I’m sure the race organizers did their best, but they probably should have given a quick 5k etiquette lesson… I’m glad kids are running! But they should learn the rules 🙂

  11. ugh thats annoying re: the kids. i totally see both sides of it. but if they want impressive runners to come to their race (and i dont know if they do) they should organize it so that everyone can get what they want out of it

  12. Awe, I hope you feel better soon! I had a cold a few weeks ago and I still don’t feel 100% but you ran a race and got first place. That is bad-assery sister! 🙂

    I was running a 15K once and running at about a 8 minute pace with 3 girls in front of me running side by side. I had been trying to pass them for about a mile and a half and as we rounded a corner, I got ready to make my move when the girl in front of me just stopped and bent down to tie her damn shoe! Seriously. I fell over her and landed on my head but the worst part was, she gave me a dirty look and then got up and ran off. I passed her a half a mile later and finished way ahead of her but it still makes me mad.

  13. Congrats on another season win, and also a solid time (especially the weekend after a fast half!). As I said yesterday, you have been working hard and deserve to be proud of your times. I’ve definitely been cut off in races, luckily never fallen due to that though but definitely some close calls.

  14. That is an amazing time! Congrats on places first in womens! I’ve never fallen in a race, but I have experienced having small children in the way, which does get very annoying!

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