Veterans Day

Not a running related post today but a topic more important to me.  Due to privacy, I don’t talk a lot about my personal life, family or husband outside of running.  They do all exist and are honestly more important to me than running or LOLZ.

In the United States, today is Veterans Day. November 11 is the day to celebrate our Veterans and current military members.

As I said last week, I’ve grown up in a military family.   My father was in the military. Now both my husband and my brother serve. Not to mention I have many friends in every branch. Each year this Holiday becomes more and more personal to me.

Dad walking me down

Growing up in a military family was not always easy. As kids we moved several times and changed school stystems and friend groups. My best friends from Year 1 in England were not my best friends from high school. I wouldn’t trade that lifestyle for the world. We got to see incredible places from growing up in England to living in Japan to picking up a car in Germany.

matt and dad

My dad traveled a lot for work too. He was gone frequently but he always made time for us. He sacrificed a lot.

Now that my husband is in a different branch, I am experiencing many similar situations. He is gone a lot, sacrificies a lot of personal aspects of his life but balances everything too.


Each military member has an incredible duty to balance personal life, work and possibly even a family. It’s not an easy task. No simple thank you or blog post will express the gratitude I have.

Since many of my personal friends read LOLZ blog and are military families here are a few deals going on today:

So thank you to all of the military members out there.  Thank you for all of the sacrifices you make in your personal lives and for our country.



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