Training: 16X400s and 5ks…

To be honest, this week my training clicked. I recovered well from the Festival of Races and enjoyed the cooler weather this week.  I don’t want to jinx myself, though!

Monday: Easy run

Tuesday: Easy run with Austin.  He’s the Saucony rep for the Philly/NJ region, so I work with him frequently.  I was lucky enough to try out some new shoes.  I’m excited for the updated Saucony Triumph ISO, which will come out Nov 1.  Austin is also running the Chicago marathon today.  Anyways, it was an easy run, and it was nice to chat with someone.

Austin and I

Workout Wednesday: 16x400s with 1-minute rest (average 6:03 pace)

To be honest, this workout felt easy and effortless.  I was surprised to plug it into my computer and realize how fast I was going.  I did the intervals on the road (versus track).  I haven’t felt this good about a workout in a while.

I love the ability to program 16X400s with one-minute rest and let me Garmin do all the hard work. It makes workouts less stressful but also allows me to do them wherever I want…road, track…parking lot…wherever!

Saucony A6

Thursday: Rest

Friday: easy, uneventful run.

Saturday: Pitman Panther 5k (19:04)

In summary, it was a consistent and solid effort for me with (6:10, 6:15 and 6:10) splits.  I am euphoric with the results since it is my fastest 5k in just over two years.  I also won the race for both men and women!  More details soon…

Great photo of my friends Liz, Chris and I
Great photo of my friends Liz, Chris and I

Sunday: Run the Vineyards (trail/cross country) 5k 20:31

I did the Run the Vineyards Grapes and Peaches 10k last month and loved it.  I loved the atmosphere and the scenery, so I decided to do another local Vineyards Run.  Once again the race was well organized and put together and don’t regret it.  The course today, however, was much more challenging.  In fact, I wore my spikes! It was muddy, sandy and grassy! It was a tough course and after racing the previous day I had no goals but to have fun.  I accomplished that!  Running through the fields, dirt and mud made me miss cross country a lot!

Total Mileage: 69

Speed work mileage: 10.2


As I said, I could not be happier with this week. I feel like my running is finally coming together. Lately, I’ve taken out my long run (13-15 miles) altogether, and that has been fine.  I’m not training for anything that I necessarily need to do that mileage right now.   I’m excited with how my running is going.  I’m finally inching closer to my 2-year-old PRs.  I enjoy racing a lot, and it allows me to get speed workouts in.  Plus, it’s nice to see progress from the spring as well.

I’m not quite sure how next week will go since I’m running the Runner’s World 3.8 trail race/5k/10k/13.1. To be honest, I’m nervous because this is what I like to call a “danger zone.” Racing 2 5ks in one weekend is not as damaging to your body as racing all of those together.  In fact, the races add up to an entire marathon.  

Questions for you:

Have you ever ran several races in one weekend?

Surprisingly no! I’ve obviously run two 5ks in one weekend but never a longer distance!  I’m excited for the weekend, but I’m also nervous.

How was your week of training?

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  1. Multi-race weekends are my fav :). It’s not so hard. Make sure you rehydrate and get in quality carbohydrates and protein immediately after each race. If you have access to an ice bath, get one of those. Foam roll like mad. You’ll be good to go.

  2. ive done a couple multi race weekends. Mostly a 5k or so before a marathon, but theres a fun weekend out here that has a half marathon followed by a 10k and you get a medal for both races AND the weekend. very fun. hahah

  3. Congrats!! Overall win and super fast, way to go. My week of training was pretty good, a few days were mixed around, but it worked out okay. I’ve never run two races in one weekend, sounds like it would be super tough. Good luck!

  4. You’ll do fine with the multi-race weekend. You already run back to back days and have a strong base that will carry you. Plus your daily runs are long and you run them frequently enough, even if you’re more speed focused than distance, that’s totally fine (especially if most of your races are 5Ks).

    I once ran 2 races in one day at an event- a 10K followed by a 5K 30 minutes later, and I think it contributed to an injury/niggle. When I finished the 5K, I knew it was a stupid idea for me to do both. All other races I’ve completed have had at least 36 hours between them (frequent Thursday night/Saturday mornings).

  5. WOW that is a lot of races in one weekend. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Congrats on your win, that is incredible!

  6. Congrats on your impressive 5k! I have never done multiple races in one weekend and would probably be a little bit worried, but it also sounds like a lot of fun!

    Training-wise, I am still recovering from the Twin Cities Marathon, so there’s not much running going on. I’m excited to start building up my mileage again, soon!

    1. I heard Twin Cities was such a beautiful day. I hope you are enjoying yourself and really getting to relax!

  7. I’ve done several 5k/Half Marathon weekends. It’s certainly do-able. I tend to take the 5k VERY easy and then focus on the half. Like most people have said, hydrating and foam rolling is key. I’ve also found that lots of sleep the week leading up to the races help. You don’t want to be running on E.

  8. HUGE CONGRATS on the amazing 5K AND two races in one weekend! WOW! Once, I did two 5Ks with just one day in between but that’s the closest 🙂 You are awesome. Love 400s – such a fun workout. I think I need to do that with my Garmin – program it to tell me when to stop and go! I know mine does that, I just forgot about that feature. Again – awesome job!

  9. Hearing things are clicking makes me so happy for you. We knew it was a question of “when” not “if,” and it’s awesome the when is finally happening–you’ve definitely put in the work to make great things happen. 🙂

  10. So, so speedy- congrats!!! I’m so glad you’re feeling like your old running self. It’s a good feeling- I’m slowly getting there, too.
    I hear you on the 4 race weekend- I’m planning to pick one to “race” and run some comfortably hard and some very, very easy. Not sure yet which race will be which but I’m definitely not racing the half … hoping for a fast short race. See you soon!!

    1. I found all of your comments Laura! I am definitely hoping for a faster 5k as well, so hopefully it goes as planned for both of us!

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