Raining and Training: 64 miles

I’m finally back on track with my training (Track pun intended). I’m slowly getting back to where I was (training wise) before September. September was a weird month for me because I took more rest days and also had a couple of weeks with no speed workouts. I’m glad to go back to my “normal” routine.

The only thing is I wish I could find a track that was open. A lot of the local schools have gym classes that utilize the track, so they aren’t open during school.


Monday and Tuesday were easy runs around my new neighborhood. I figured out that I could run to one of the turnpike rest area stops It makes sense that employees had a specialized area to park versus having to take the pike to work every day. It was neat, but it’s not somewhere I’ll frequent.

Workout Wednesday:
16X400s with 1-minute rest
I did this on the road and in the pouring rain.

It was my first workout in a few weeks as well as my first road 400 workout. I averaged 6:23 pace, but I think I’ll be able to run much quicker once I get back into the rhythm. Due to the rain, I had to change my clothing three times for that run (one after warm up, after the 400s and after the run itself). My whole neighborhood was flooded.

rainy run meme

Thursday I ran easy and Friday I took off.

On Saturday Tim and I ran together before leaving for Syracuse. The weather was awful due to the Hurricane but nothing unbearable. I have no issues running inside or not just not running if I’m uncomfortable with the weather. I catch up on my trashy TV with the treadmill.

On Sunday, I raced the Festival of Races 5k in Syracuse, NY. I made a quick trip up north to race and see Heather. I ran a 19:13 which is one of my better time right now.  It’s an extremely competitive race and one I’ve always wanted to do. I’ll have a race recap next week.

In summary, it was a good week for me. I recovered well from both the Rotary 5k and Maple Shade Soccer Club 5k last weekend. I haven’t done a long run in about a month now so hopefully I’ll get back on that next week. I don’t think it’s necessary, though, and the quality miles for me come from speed work.

Festival of Races 5k

Total Miles: 64
Workout miles: 7.1

Questions for you:
What was your best workout this week?
How do you do your track workouts when school is in session?

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  1. I got lucky this week getting to the track right in between its scheduled events. If I want to do any dedicated workouts I’m going to have to pay more attention. Sorry for all the crazy weather you are getting! We’re still waiting for the rainy season to get started here, then it will be nonstop and time for a more serious wardrobe for me. Glad that you are feeling more on track with your training!

  2. Haha I love that ecard… and it’s so true 😉 Open tracks are a challenge to find this time of year I agree! Is there a college near you maybe? I know the one at my school has some open times??

  3. there is a school 1 mile away from me and luckily they dont use the track on weekends so i alternate track work and long runs on the weekends. during the school year they start too early so i cant do it then.

  4. Ah shoot–the ‘Cuse trip already happened. When I go home, I’ll sometimes sneak on to the high school track. Luckily the gym teachers remember me! 😉

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