Hollywood Diner (Dover, De)

Hollywood Diner (Dover)

I have been to the Hollywood diner before. When my family and I were driving up to college over eight years ago, we stopped there! I honestly don’t remember many details, but I knew I had been there! This time period was far before I knew how awesome diners were. We decided to stop at the Hollywood Diner because who doesn’t like a trip to Hollywood?

Hollywood Diner Atmosphere: A

The Hollywood Diner is an old train car. As I’ve said many times before, it’s hard to beat the diner atmosphere of a train car. It was clean, and the car was adorable. We arrived on Saturday around 11:15. It was crowded, but nothing unreasonable. We received a table quickly.

Metallic background for the win
Metallic background for the win

Hollywood Diner Service: A

The Hollywood diner’s waitress one of the best I’ve ever had. She was polite, friendly, and refilled our coffee. Despite being busy, she made sure we were happy. Honestly, she was one of the best waitresses I’ve had at any restaurant!

Coffee: A

The coffee at the Hollywood Diner was a local brew to me in New Jersey. Lacas Coffee has become well known in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In fact, they sponsored the Scott Coffee 8k in Moorestown last May. The coffee was delicious, and the whipped cream was perfect.

Hollywood Diner Coffee

They also gave plenty of creams.  Never enough, I guess?

More cream?
More cream?

Hollywood Diner Food: A

Hollywood Diner has a smaller menu. While it doesn’t have ten pages of food, there are plenty of options.  Known for their southern grille, Hollywood Diner has plenty of fun options like grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches, and curly fries. If you are looking for french fries, they have those too. I ordered one of their specials that included: pancakes, eggs, bacon sausage, and unpictured rye toast.  Everything was home cooked and tasted great.  I like soft fatty bacon versus crispy.  The pancakes were light and fluffy, as well.  It satisfied my diner craving.

pancakes eggs toast bacon

Cost: $

For both meals and coffee, the cost was $20. It was an inexpensive stop, and I have no complaints.

Would I come back to the Hollywood Diner (Dover?

Hollywood Diner Overall: A

The Hollywood Diner (Dover) was a smart stop. I am glad we stopped, and we will be back. It’s a cute stop for anyone nearby or traveling.

Cliffs Notes:
Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Overall: A 

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite themed restaurant?
What is your favorite kind of coffee?

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  1. I love that I basically have that same outfit. We need a dinner/diner date soon!

  2. An all A diner!! Wow! I love when diners are in cool buildings (or train cars!). I sued to go to one in Upstate NY with my great grandpa and I think it was in a trailer, old bus, or train car. I wish I could remember. Anyways… I always thought it was so cool as a child!! As for my favorite type of coffee… anything local makes me happy, especially a good dark roast with plain cream. Nice and simple 🙂

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