Training: 400s and Consistent 5ks

Training this week was boring. It wasn’t exciting but I got everything I needed to do.

Total mileage: 69 miles

On Monday and Tuesday I ran easy. There wasn’t anything too exciting about either run.

Workout Wednesday:
I went back to 400s. The Belmar Chase 5k taught me I needed to work on my last mile as well as turnover.

Many people have asked about my rest and recovery between the intervals: I’ve been doing all my speed workouts with standing rest. I plan to progress into jogging rest.

12X400s averaging between 87-82.
The first 8 had 1:30 rest and the last 4 had 1:00.
My last 400 was my fastest at 82.

Overall I’m happy with the workout.

Thursday was a rest day and Friday was another easy day. The weather on Friday was the best weather we have had in a while. I felt great!

On Saturday I ran a 5k in Delaware. I went in with a “racing plan” to take the race out slower and stay as consistent as possible.   I didn’t want to run a 6:0X mile as well as 6:5X. I’m happy to report I ran a 6:23, 6:27 and 6:22 so I definitely met my goal!

me 5k

On Sunday I met a friend for an easy long run. She is training for Chicago but I cut out at 15 since there isn’t a need for me to go much longer right now.  That was my longest run since the marathon!

There are two major things I need to work on for my 5k racing.

  • The first is my turnover rate. My turnover is not fast enough for 5ks. The pace I’m holding in 5ks is my half marathon PR pace. Right now my legs won’t move any faster!
  • The second is my last mile in the 5k. I take the race out to fast and then fall apart.

If I can dial in those then I’ll be ready to PR.

Next week:
I’m continuing the same method I’ve been using for the last month. As I said on Thursday, consistency is key.  I know eventually my hard work will pay off!

I will also be traveling to Virginia Beach next weekend to visit my family. I haven’t been down to VA since the wedding so it’s going to be nice!

Questions for you:
What was your best workout last week?
Do you have any Labor Day Plans?