Harrison House Diner

The Harrison House Diner Mullica Hill, NJ

I had wanted to try the Harrison House Diner since I drove by nearly two years ago.  I work very close by and I always see the restaurant jam packed with cars.  I’m actually surprised with how long it took me that long to try it.  The Harrison House Diner was even voted as the best diner in Gloucester County.

Atmosphere: B

The outside is a normal restaurant.  It’s well kept and clean.  The name Harrison House implies it looks like a house and it does.  I always appreciate a restaurant that confidently sticks with their theme.

The inside is typical of a normal restaurant.  There is nothing unusual or unique.  It’s not as “diner” as you would imagine.  It reminds me of a normal restaurant.  There is a bar as well as booths and tables but the layout resembles a normal restaurant.

Coffee: B

I really liked the coffee but the mugs were tiny!  I could not believe how small they were.  I could drink the entire coffee mug in one sip! The coffee and whipped cream were great but the mugs were too small for anyone.

The menu has a giant coffee mug on it though!
The menu has a giant coffee mug on it though!

Food: A 

The menu of the Harrison House has everything from breakfast to “sensational salads”, to shrimp po boys and more.  Since the Harrison House is well known for their seafood, I decided to try the Shrimp Po Boy.


After living in Va Beach area for so long, I have high standards for seafood. I was surprised by how good the shrimp po boy was.  My dad got the crab cake, which was huge!  It was one of the biggest crab cakes I’ve seen.  I was jealous and will definitely be ordering that next time.  (Edit to add: I’ve since ordered take out and the crab cake is just as good).

Harrison House Crab Cake

Dessert: A 

We ordered the German Chocolate Cake with ice cream.  The cake was fresh and the frosting was rich.  I was pleasantly surprised with how good the cake was.  I have no complaints and it was perfect.  Behind red velvet cake, german chocolate cake is my favorite.  They also had plenty of other cakes, cookies and baked goods.

Harrison House German Chocolate Cake 1

Harrison House German Chocolate Cake

Cost: $

For the shrimp po boy, coffee and cake the cost was $16.  That’s not bad at all and in fact a really great deal.

Overall thoughts/would I come back? 

I thought the Harrison House was really good.  I will definitely be back.  I’ve been twice since the first time.  I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to try in the first place.  If you heading down the shore or getting off the NJ turnpike at exit 2, the Harrison House is a great place to stop.

Cliff notes: 
Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Dessert: A 
Cost $10-15
Overall: A 

Questions for you:
Are you a seafood fan?
What are your favorite flavors of cake? 


  1. Love me some salmon (said as “SAL-mon” hahaha) but I can pass on crab cakes. My mom is always choosing them, though! I never tried german chocolate cake before… I think? Or black forest cake.

  2. That is NOT enough coffee! The food looks good though. I hope we can make a diner date soon!

  3. Mmmm, I love seafood! Salmon has been my favorite forever, and I’m also a fan of shrimp, clams, tilapia … basically any and all seafood. 🙂

  4. Hehe! I forgot how much I love your diner recaps…..must find the trolley car one! This is SUCH a good idea for people who are moving to the area (sad face), and need somewhere to go based on an unbiased review. Hope you have a wonderful monday lady!

  5. Yes definitely a seafood fan. I love shrimp, salmon, crab, lobster, cod, etc. I have not run into a seafood I don’t like.

    Favorite cake is probably chocolate chocolate. It can never be too rich.

  6. So sad but my favorite cake “flavor” are those boxed yellow cakes with the frosting that comes out of the can – pink, blue, the more artificial the better. Ha! My sister and her daughter make them for holidays. My sister is a VERY lazy baker. But it’s actually the only cake I really like!
    In fact, I never really liked cake all that much growing up and my grandmother would always make me an ice cream pie in an oreo shell crust 🙂

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