HJMC 5k (20:13)

Last Saturday my husband and I decided to race in Wilmington, Delaware. I had been unsure whether I wanted to race because the week before had been chaotic. Despite taking a step back in running mileage, I spent most of last week on my feet.  I probably logged the same amount of movement miles anyways HA! Since it was such a beautiful morning, we decided to head to the race anyways.  Any race you can walk away from injury free is a good race.

The race morning was nothing short of a hot mess. I woke up late, my car tire deflated overnight and there was plenty of traffic. I also lost one of my current Saucony A6 racing flats. After spending 10 minutes looking for them, I ultimately gave up and found my previous pair of Nike LTs. At 6:45, I stormed back into the house and said I didn’t want to race. At 6:46, Tim calmed me down and we left.  Hashtag: Drama Queen. 

We arrived to Wilmington around 7:45. We were able to easily sign up and warm up. I had never run on the Wilmington Riverfront before but it was gorgeous! I saw a few NJ locals and a few fast females I recognized.

The race started at 8:30 with a quick air horn. During the first mile I found myself as 5th women overall. I didn’t feel great but I didn’t feel as awful as last week. We took a very sharp turn during the first mile and I didn’t cut the tangent well. I felt myself awkwardly sidestepping and I lost all momentum. The first mile headed along the river. It was a lot windier than anticipated.

For the most part I ran alone and focused on catching a female in front of me.  I crossed the first mile in 6:13 and was pleased. I felt better then last week but didn’t feel great.

During the second mile I passed one female and ended up as fourth woman overall. I had the third female in sight the entire race but couldn’t catch her. The second mile went parallel to the riverfront. It was relatively flat but was also very windy. I didn’t mind the wind and it was a perfect temperature.  It reminded me of running on the VA Beach boardwalk.  The wind was hitting you on the side.  You weren’t getting a tailwind but were getting a little bit of headwind resistance.  I hit the second mile in 6:26.

During the third mile I thought I would be able to break 20 minutes. I was slowing down but just needed to hold on a bit longer. The third mile went up a hill and through a series of turns.  It went through a gorgeous nature park that I want to explore at some point soon. It was enough to lose steam and be back over 20 minutes.

me 1

I crossed the finish in 20:13 and fourth female overall. My husband was able to cross as third male overall and win a year supply of bread from Panera. I was happy for him because it was such a great race for him.  I was also extremely jealous of his bread winnings!

We cooled down together in the nature park.  It was really pretty and had a great view of Wilmington.  That is an area that I would want to run in again!

me run lululemon sports bra


After everything that happened in the morning, I was proud of myself for making it to the race! I wasn’t disappointed with my time but I wasn’t happy with the race either. My ultimate goal is Belmar and each race both good and bad are getting me there.

Questions for you:

What is the coolest race prize you have won?

Do you have any crazy race morning stories?

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  1. Wait… A YEAR SUPPLY OF BREAD FROM PANERA!? That is the greatest prize ever. I’m extremely jealous right now. Great job – that is an amazing time!!

  2. Way to go, Tim!! Good thing he was able to get you calmed down and out the door! 🙂 I’m not sure I remember what the coolest race prize I ever won was —- oh, that’s right, I’m not fast enough to win any prizes!! 🙂 My race morning stories aren’t very exciting…everything pretty much always goes as planned. Sounds like you’re where you want to be in your training. Don’t forget your rest days and recovery weeks!! 🙂

  3. I didn’t know your husband ran too! That’s awesome and even better that you won free bread! Amazing! Great race for you as well, even if you didn’t break 20:00. Still a great job!

  4. That is a really cool prize! I would be pretty happy with a years worth of Panera. Um yum. All the breads. I’m sorry you had such a frustrating race morning but I’m glad you went anyways despite everything and had a good race. Any speed work is progress towards that PR!

  5. Panera Bread is the BEST. Congrats to you both! Sounds like you ran a strong race in the wind. I’ll have to mark running on Wilmington’s waterfront on my racing to-do list. 🙂

  6. A year supply of bread?! That is an amazing prize! What did the guy in first place get?!

  7. That morning would’ve totally derailed my mental game, so kudos for dialing it in and executing on the course!

  8. i have a LOT of questions about the bread!! how do they GIVE you a lifetime supply of bread?? do they ship it weekly?

    1. They gave him a card that he can go into Panera and use it. It’s a year supply of bread so he has a punch card for the whole year.

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