Favorite Summer Products Pt 2

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over.  I say that about every month or season but the summer is truly flying by.  Pretty soon we will be into fall and marathon season! Or pumpkin season or cross country season…whatever your jive is!

About a month ago, I posted my favorite summer gear.  Throughout the summer I have found more gear I really like using.

This post isn’t sponsored but it’s products I have enjoyed using and would recommend! 


The Saucony Dash top:

It’s seamless and long.  I’ve worn this top to run in as well as to work in.  I love how soft it is.  While Saucony is currently sold out of many sizes, a little birdie told me they are getting a bunch of new colors this fall.  I will probably buy every color.  I will sit at my computer and press refresh until it’s available.

Close up. I race, train and also wear it to work (with proper washing of course)
Close up. I race, train and also wear it to work (with proper washing of course)

The Lululemon Long Line Bra

Personally I prefer to run in longer sports bras.  I feel like racing crop tops don’t exist unless you are an elite but that is probably for good reason.  The Lululemon Long long bra is the next closest thing.  It’s a little longer than a sports bra but not a full top.  It’s comfortable and it wicks away sweat really well.  I linked to Lulu’s sport bra section because they make some of my favorites!  The last I checked they were out of this exact top but they have very similar ones.

me run lululemon sports bra

Running Shoes:

My rotation:

70% Saucony Triumph

Friends forever
Friends forever

10% Nike Vomero

Nike vomero

10% Saucony Zealot (Review to come after I have run 100+ miles in it.  So far, so good!)

10% Saucony A6 Racing Flat

Right now the track is still out of my comfort zone
Right now the track is still out of my comfort zone

Can you tell I’m on the Saucony train right now?

Running Gear:

I still love my R8 foam roller. I’m carrying it over from the first summer post because it has been such a helpful device for recovery. I have found I can foam roll better than anything else. While it is $120, I do think the price tag is worth it.

Garmin 10:

I’ve been using my Garmin 10 more and more lately. I’m still not using it for pace but for mileage.  For my track workouts I just use a stop watch and paper.  I know I should probably upgrade eventually…I have thought about buying the 220 or 225.  They look cool and I want to be in the cool kids club.


Crop and cut out dresses

Why do I like these?  I don’t know.  I’ve bought two and I loved them both.  Taylor Swift would be proud.

This one I got at Ruelala a few weeks ago.

cut out dress abs ruelala

Question for you: What products are you enjoying this summer?