Training: Racing and Recovery

I’ve been logging a lot of speed work and high mileage lately.  It is no wonder why my legs have felt fatigued.  I haven’t had a recovery week in a while. This week I nixed my trip to the track and did easy runs with the exception of a 5k.

I woke up on Monday feeling tired and sore.  My legs felt the last two weeks of training.  I knew immediately it was time to focus on a recovery week.  Plus, we were traveling to see my in-laws so it made sense.

Monday: OFF + Deep Tissue Massage
Tuesday: 10 mile run with my father in law and Tim
Wednesday: 10 mile run with my father in law and Tim
Thursday: 1 hour AMT
Friday: 10 mile run
Saturday: 5k: 20:08
Sunday: 14 miles
 Total:  54

After waking up on Monday with sore legs, I booked a deep tissue massage instead of running.  I was lucky they had same day appointments.  It was a different women than I usually go too but she did a great job. My IT band and calves were sore and I needed someone to loosen those up.  I felt sore most of the week but have the deep tissue massage helped to loosen everything up.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I ran with my husband and father in law.  PA is much hillier than I’m used too but I enjoyed the change of terrain.  We ran easy and enjoyed the sights.  There was nothing too interesting about the runs but great conversation.


I took Thursday off from running as well.  I decided to cross train on the AMT.  I haven’t been as good about cross training as I would like. When I take two days off from running I try to cross train one of the days…however if I take one day off from running, I like to take complete rest instead!

Saturday was a fun race. We have been having a really busy week at work so I spent about 20 hours on my feet between Thursday and Friday.  My legs were definitely fatigued from that too.  I have a huge respect for waitresses!  That being said, we enjoyed racing down in Delaware again. My husband was fast enough to win a year supply of Panera bread!  I’m happy with how the race went for me despite being tired.

me run lululemon sports bra


I have to say I missed the track but I know this was a better idea for me to take an extra day off! I’ll be back next week when my body is more recovered! While I took an extra day off from running, I have been on my feet a lot. That definitely played a role in running.

Next week:

I’ll have a much easier week so I’ll be able to get back into training. This week made me realize how many outside factors can affect your running. I plan to focus more on sleep and hopefully get back to the track!

Questions for you:

What is the coolest race award you have won?

What outside factors affect your personal running?


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    1. I was in central PA.. I am a lot closer to you where I live in NJ since I am right outside of Philly 🙂

  1. During recovery weeks, I really focus on doing the little things right: foam rolling, getting a massage, and sleeping enough. This past Thursday, I slept 11 hours!

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