The Trolley Car Diner (Philadelphia)

The Trolley Car Diner (Philadelphia, PA)

After the “Run For the Hill of It” 5 miler a few weeks ago, Kara and I decided to head to a local diner.  I heard the Trolley Car Diner was excellent and it was only 2 miles away on Germantown Avenue. If you

Atmosphere: A 

It’s hard to beat the atmosphere of a diner in an old train car.  There have been additions to the train car so the actual inside has plenty of space.  For a crowded Saturday, they had plenty of tables open.  We were seated quickly in the back of the Trolley Car Diner.

awkward trolley car photo
awkward trolley car photo

The inside is a throwback to the fifties, especially with the ice cream shoppe. It’s exactly what you picture a diner.  Everything about the diner from the outside to the inside to the menu is a throwback to the 50s.

Trolley Car Diner Coffee: A 

The coffee came in a cute personalized Trolley Car Diner mug.  I always enjoy coffee mugs that aren’t boring and plain white.  The Trolley car diner had their logo on the mug, which added a great touch.  The coffee itself was also delicious. The waitress gave me whipped cream every single time.  Even though they were busy, she gave many refills.

Trolley Car Diner Coffee

Trolley Car Diner Food: A

The menu at the Trolley Car Diner is overwhelming.  Like most diners, they have everything from pancakes and eggs, to nova lox, to salads and burgers. The Trolley Car Diner menu also includes an ice cream shop with treats and desserts.

The Trolley car diner is known for their donuts.  I don’t remember many diners known for donuts, but it made it unique.  I will say their donuts were some of the best! There were bite-sized and before I knew it, I had eaten a dozen…whoops…

Trolley Car Diner Donuts

To offset the donut eating, I ordered Judy’s salad with salmon a side of pita bread.  The salad consisted of roasted beets, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, and spinach.  I liked how fresh the spinach was. The dressing was a homemade dressing. It was tart which paired well with the beets and feta.  The salad was delicious, and I liked how tart the dressing was.

Trolley Car Diner Salad

Trolley Car Diner Cost: $

For my coffee, salad, and donuts it was 17.  That is inexpensive compared to many other diners.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to the Trolley Car Diner (Philadelphia)? 

I will be back.  It’s close to a new park I want to run in frequently, and the quality of food was excellent.  In summary, the Trolley Car Diner in Philadelphia is a good stop for anyone.

Cliff notes: 
Atmosphere: A 
Coffee: A 
Food: A
Price: $10-15

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Questions for you: 
What is your favorite type of doughnut? 
Have you ever eaten in a Trolley Car? 


  1. Look at the whipped cream on that coffee!! And they gave it to you every time you had a refill?!? Sounds like heaven 🙂

  2. BUT I DON’T LIKE DONUTS (DOUGHNUTS?)!!! I’m still going and you can’t stop me. 🙂 🙂 I’m not going to lie… I really think I would order that salad. I have a love for roasted beets… Until I walk by a table with someone eating pancakes. It’ll probably change. Why is life so hard?

    1. I always struggle with the spelling of donuts/doughnuts too. Ha, their pancakes looked really good too. We should try them sometime!

  3. DONUTS. I want those!!! I can’t imagine going to a diner and not getting breakfast. that’s just…. I couldn’t. Breakfast, brunch, and brinner are my favorites!

  4. Yes! Those donuts were delicious! I would definitely go back to that diner! So glad we went after the race. You would love the Holy Donut shop in Maine!

  5. I’ve been on such a doughnut kick lately. I had two really tasty ones last week: lavender and PB&J.

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