Pineland Striders 10k (41:21)

I ran this race last year too.  It was the last race before a string of multiple injuries including plantar fasciitis and a stress fracture.  It was also the race I met Liz.  This year I was looking forward to finishing the race injury free.  (Spoiler: I finished slower than last year but injury free)

Since last year I moved across the state.  This year the race was actually further away. I got to the race around 7:45 and to my surprise I saw a lot of my coworkers!  I knew two of them were running but it was an exciting surprise to see more of my friends.  We all warmed up together and made it to the starting line just in time.

Colleen and Julie
Two of my coworkers and I
Liz, Chris and I
Liz, Chris and I

The 5k and 10k started together.  We didn’t know who was running which race but it was nice to have a lot of people together.  I ran side by side with both Liz and Chris for about a mile.  They later turned to run the 5k.

The first mile went by quickly since there were so many people.  I ran a 6:25. I wasn’t overly happy with it but I wasn’t upset either.  I was indifferent.

Pineland Striders 10k 1

The 5kers turned around halfway into the second mile.  I saw my coworker, and founder of Team Tindall, who ended up winning overall female in the 5k.  After the 5kers turned around, I found myself as first woman in the 10k. I stayed there the rest of race.  It became a lonely race and I ran the next 5 miles almost all by myself.  There were several men in front of me and several behind me.  There was no one within 20 seconds of me. The second mile was my fastest and I ran a 6:18.

During the third mile, we turned into a very wooded section. If you have ever taken a race out too quickly and paid the price, then you will be able to relate to how this race went.  I ran my third mile in 6:36 but I knew I was in trouble.

Pineland Striders 10k

I crossed the halfway point in 19:55.  I was happy that I broke 20 minutes but I knew the last three miles were not going to be enjoyable.

The third and fourth miles went by very slowly.  I ran the third mile in 6:56 and the fourth mile in 6:53.  There wasn’t anything too exciting about them.  In fact they were both rather painful and I regretted taking the race out so quickly.

The fifth mile headed back on the main road.  One thing I distinctly remember about this portion of the race last year was the volunteers not being on the same page.  This year they were not on the same page either. Some volunteers yelled at me to be on the sidewalk and others instructed I was to be on the street.  It got really confusing and I was getting opposite directions every volunteer! Ultimately I ran on the sidewalk because I am a safe runner.

The last half-mile headed onto a grassy field and finished on the track. I finished the sixth mile in 6:43 and sprinted as hard as I could around the track.  The last .2 felt like it took forever.  Everyone was congregated around the track as we finished.  It was nice to see Liz and Chris since they had finished their race. Chris got some good shots of me finishing as well.

I finished in 41:21 and first female overall.  I had to work directly after the race so I wasn’t able to stay after finishing.

Pineland Striders finish

Post race thoughts: 

It’s 21 seconds slower than last year but I finished injury free.  Last year my plantar fascia had a big flair up.  I’m happy with the race but it was a painful second half. My speed is coming back slow and steady.  I’m not overly happy with the race but I will take an injury free race over a faster and injured one.

Questions for you: 

Have you ever taken a race out to fast? 

Do you like the 10k distance?