The Month of Broad Street and 5ks

In the last 2 years that hasn’t been a month I’ve thrown down 5 races.  With the exception of Broad Street, none of these were dream races but all of the 5ks served their purpose.

Broad Street waving

I’m slowly forcing myself back into shape.  It’s going to take a few months to get a base and speed back but with consistency, I know it will come back. It’s taking a lot longer than I would like but training and progress is never linear.

This was a really good month of training for me. 

Total mileage: 241 

Paces: 6:08-12:00-untimed


May 3 Broad Street 10 miler (1:03.39)

May 10: Race to Neverland 5k (20:20)

May 17: Scholarship 5k (20:15)

May 23: Historic Fairview 5k (19:47)

May 31: Veterans 5k (20:30)


My goal was to do a lot of 5ks and I did.  I began to familiarize myself with the race distance and become “more comfortable” running 5ks. I raced more this month than any other month from the last 2 years.

me running 5k

None of my 5ks went exceptionally well but the main take away is I actually got out there and did them (versus talking about it).  I’ll be the first to admit I wish I am able to progress faster. In reality, doesn’t want to get faster, as quick as possible? 

Chatting prerace
Chatting prerace

I’m proud of this month and I do hope June goes as well, if not better.  Outside of my running I also began strengthening my core. The little things such as core work and leg strength training are often the things I don’t do. I cannot say I did this perfectly but I was happy getting in strength and core each week.

Picking up the coolest trophy ever.
Picking up the coolest trophy ever.

June plans: 

My race schedule in June includes a few longer races.  For some reason, there aren’t as many shorter distances like the 5k.  Hopefully it’s not as hot though!  Either way I do plan to continuing racing a lot. I think it’s building my momentum for some faster late summer 5ks.

June Racing:

June 6 Scott Coffee 8k

June 13: Flag Day 10k

June 27: Medford Lakes 10k

I also plan to begin some speed workouts.  My favorite form of speed work is a tempo run but I also plan to go to the track too.  The track intimidates me but I know it’s something I need to do to ultimately PR.  There are a few Tuesday night no frill races around Cooper River that I might jump into.

I also would like to get more consistent with my core and strength training. I’ll be happy with staying with consistent racing.

In cliff notes: The month was good for training.  I do wish I had been able to run a faster 5k but I’m training injury free and that is still awesome.

Questions for you:

How was your month of May?

How many times do you race monthly?

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  1. I only did one race in May, and it was my first of the year! I will probably do 1 in June but I am away 3 of the 4 weekends so that will probably be all I can fit in. It sounds like 8ks and 10ks will be a good progression from all the 5ks….as long as its not too hot!

  2. I also raced 5 times last month but will probably do 3-4 5Ks this month. I didn’t race at all in April (only 4 weekends and Easter weekend had no races, one of the weekends that had a few options was one when we had family visiting, etc, just never worked out for me to run a race).

    We only have 5Ks here, but it’s neat you have the 8K and 10Ks coming up. The track is fun to me, I like doing it with a group of people because we push each other but we have all abilities out there, and while there’s a “workout”, it is really up to the person and sometimes people will cut it short or not do it as prescribed depending on how they feel. The accountability of a track workout with others really helps. I could do a tempo on my own but not anything on a track!

  3. You had a great month of mileage and getting back into things, as well as races. I know you want to get there faster- but using the races as workouts means you will have some good and some not as good workouts…the fact is you are doing them though and that counts. I know you enjoy racing, and it’s nice to see you getting out there and doing that- and I KNOW it will pay off. Cheers to June being another good month!

  4. I ran one race in May and it was the first in quite a while. With all the weekend activities and $ spent with kids I can’t justify racing often, but I probably could stand a shorter race here and there, its great to see where your fitness is at.

  5. I am hoping to race a few times this summer, only once in May and one planned race in June. But I too am hoping to get more exposure to shorter races to work on speed and leg turnover. You had such a solid month – can’t wait to see what’s to come! Happy Monday!!

  6. I’ve just started getting back into more core work and strength training as well, and I’ve gotta say that I definitely love how it makes me feel. And 241 miles in May? Yowza — that’s awesome. Hope June is even better for you!

  7. I’ve been working my core A LOT lately. Planks and making sure my back is flat during crunches and things. It’s mad a huge difference focusing on pushing my back down! BURNS SO GOOD. My thighs still hurt from two days ago. I can’t imagine running more than 5 miles right now.

  8. I think racing the 5K is a great way to get faster at the 5K, but racing consistent 10Ks and 8Ks will probably make your 5K racing even better. You did such a great job winning so many races this month and I know you will achieve the speed you want this summer!

  9. I think your 5k times are so consistent that pretty soon your going to bang one out a good 30-45 seconds faster. Also, that Broad Street Miler time is incredible. I’m so glad you are training and racing healthy Hollie!

  10. I’d like to put May behind me forever. I just didn’t recover from the Blackpool Marathon well at all and I ran an absolutely terrible half on top of that. I find the summer tough though as I don’t handle the heat well, so I’m just hoping to survive at this point.

    How much I race in a month varies: there are stretches with no races at all here, so I do tend to cram in more than I should sometimes because the best races are often scheduled so close together. I think running strong 5Ks consistently shows that you’re capable of going a lot faster, as you recover from them so quickly and on that basis they’re not taking too much of a toll on you. I hope you have a fantastic month of racing in June!

  11. Folks who can do speedwork *not* at a track blow my mind. For me the track works. There’s no cheating the repeats (a.k.a. you can stop at 300m without looking like a moron), and running in a circle and being able to see the amount of distance ahead helps me break the interval into mini-chunks. And yes, let’s cross our fingers for less humidity. It’s been absolutely brutal.

  12. Great 5K times! Racing 5ks – esp during summer is always so fun!
    I love going to the track to work on speed also – I really can see a difference after a while.
    Good luck with training and racing in June!

  13. I try to race as much as I can within what my work allows. My month of May was not as I expected, because I had my first marathon scheduled and did not do it due to my groin injury. I’m glad you had a good month!

  14. Dang, girl. Great month. And you are doing the right thing being consistent about your core strength. It’s so fun (virtually) watching you race and reading all about it. Apparently May was the hottest May on record in DC. I’m sincerely hoping for some cooler temps this month as well!

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