Week 4: Bonus Rest Day

Last week I took two rest days instead of one.  As I said in post about not showing, I have no regrets.  My body needed the extra rest and coincidently I’ve found myself in a much better place this week.  My legs have felt a lot better and I’m recovered from the head cold.

I had hoped to have a rest week the first week of June but when your body says no…it says no.

Looking back my mileage the last three weeks has been:

54 miles

56 miles 

60 miles

So on top of being sick, it’s clear to why my body was tired. I added an extra rest day and went from there.

It looks like my body is starting to absorb the mileage and get back into shape so I gave no complaints about that.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 10.5 miles easy Strength
Wednesday: 10.8 miles easy Core
Thursday: 10.4 miles easy
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10 miles with coworkers
Sunday: Veterans Day 5k (long course), 20:30


I did notice I’ve gotten into a “10 mile” rut. I’ve been running for time versus mileage. This has meant I’ve been running similar distances (within the mile). It was great to run different paths and it has kept me from getting to stale.

I fell off the wagon this week with doing my core and strength training. I was a lot busier than I anticipated.   After Wednesday I will be a lot less busy.

I don’t have a lot of interesting facts about my training. Heck, I don’t even have that great of photos.  Next week is my last week of base building. Then I’ll progress into some speed workouts.

My training next week will be similar to this week. I’m also signed up for the Scott Coffee 8k next Saturday. I like the 8k distance a lot (I haven’t raced one in a while!) I plan to use that race as a base to see where my fitness is. I’m really excited to see how it goes.

Questions for you:

Have you raced an 8k before?

How was your week of training?