Asics Nimbus 17 Review

Asics Nimbus 17 Shoe Review

Shortly before my marathon and then afterward, I began running in the Asics Nimbus 17.  Since transitioning from Newtons (last year) into a more traditional running shoe, the Asics Nimbus has been a great shoe to me.  I reviewed the Asics Nimbus 16 a few months ago. The gel and high cushion in the Asics Nimbus support my feet well.  I like more cushion shoes.  I do not like lightweight shoes at all.

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Side Note: I’m always hesitant to do running shoe reviews because what works (or doesn’t) for me, won’t always be the same for others.  I like a lot of cushions and am a neutral runner.  This means that shoes such as the Saucony Triumph or Brooks Glycerin are good options for me.  This also means. Personally I don’t care for minimalist shoes.  Another thing to keep in mind is that I’m not a techy person.  Either the shoe feels good to me or it doesn’t and I’ll explain why.

I don’t care so much about the technical side of a shoe so I won’t review that part.  Plus, there are much better blog posts that review that anyways…I just give my personal experience with the shoe.  (And no Asics is not paying me to review their shoe).asics nimbus 17

Asics Nimbus 17 Price: 150

The price of the Asics Nimbus 17 is similar to other comparable shoes of different brands such as the Saucony Triumph (150) and Brooks Glycerin (150).

The Asics Nimbus 17 Fit:

The Asics Nimbus has always run a little bit narrow.  Right now, Asics takes the glove-like fit to a whole new level. The previous Asics Nimbus was entirely too narrow for my foot.  I found myself being comfortable in a mens shoe versus women. I have a widefoot, so I usually run in a wide.  With the Asics Nimbus 17, they opened up the toe box space, so my foot has plenty of space to breath.  I usually wear a size 9.5 wide woman’s shoe, and my feet fit comfortably into a size 9.5 Asics Nimbus Wide.

One problem I did have was the top inner toe box rubbed my foot raw.  I ended up bleeding through the shoe.  I know it wasn’t a sock issue.  The toe box fit my foot a little bit different and caused rubbing.  My foot got used to it within a few runs, but it was unpleasant to see the shoe had caused my foot to bleed.

I like the fit much better than the previous model of the Asics Nimbus.  I think Asics did a great job with it.

The Asics Nimbus 17 Ride: 

The shoe is much lighter than the Asics Nimbus 16.  I still feel as if I have the Asics Nimbus cushion I like but with a lot less weight.  I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that aspect. You don’t feel much shock during impact and roll through the gait cycle.

I still feel protected in the Asics Nimbus and I haven’t had any issues or problems with the shoe.  The Asics Nimbus 17 does feel a little bit lighter since it weighs less.  After about 50 miles on the shoe, I didn’t seem to notice much of a difference in weight.

Overall Thoughts of the Asics Nimbus:

I like Asics Nimbus a lot.  I feel comfortable doing my training in this shoe.  The major differences (more open toe box and lighter weight) don’t effect my training significantly.  I will continue to run in the shoe (as well as a new to me shoe the Saucony Triumph).

Edit to add: I’ve ran 104 miles in this shoe (both before and after the marathon).

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Questions for you:

What shoe do you train in?

Have you ever tried the Asics Nimbus?

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  1. I tried this shoe out a few weeks ago at a Fleet Feet group run. I really liked the shoe and it felt very cushy, it felt a little heavy when I put it on but that’s because I don’t normally wear shoes that cushioning but I was surprised at how responsive it was. Once I got running it seemed to disappear on my foot. It seems like a great shoe to wear when training for or running a half or full marathon.

  2. I really like the Gel Nimbus. I am currently on my second pair of 15’s. I’m like you – I like a cushioned shoe but one that’s still supportive. I did notice, though, that the Nimbus Lite Show 15 version that I’m in now was a little different fit than the regular 15’s. They seemed to run a smidge narrower and I had a little pain on the inner ball of my left foot that has since gone away. Glad to hear that toe toe box is a little wider on the 17’s. I like a little extra space.

  3. I recently added the Asics Kayano into my rotation since I need more of a stability shoe. I went with it because of the cushion! I was amazed how cushiony it felt and loved it. I also run in the Brooks adrenaline which don’t have as much cushion but never seem to give me any problems. Glad you’re liking your asics too! 🙂

  4. Asics Nimbus is all I have run in for over 10 years. I don’t even try them on at the store, I just go in, grab my size and buy them. My faaaaaavourites. I’m a big squishy cushiony shoe lover too.

  5. I just got a pair of these as well. I have been running in Nimbus shoes on and off for about 6 years. I have liked some models more than others, but like what they’ve done with the 17. I like that they feel lighter.

  6. That is so crazy – I tried the Nimbus 17 and they gave me crazy blisters on my second to last toes on both feet which is why I went back to the 16. Otherwise, I loved the shoe! Maybe I should give it another chance, knowing the issue went away for you. It seems like the toe box is so much roomier that it “creases” more and that’s what caused the issue with friction for me.

  7. I’ve been hesitant to try the old Nimbus because it’s heavier than what I’m used to. I prefer foam, but to be fair, I haven’t been in a gel in about three years, and they’ve definitely gotten a lot lighter. Maybe the seed gods will shine upon me sometime soon. 😉

  8. I was an Asics girl before moving to Newtons, but I think they’ve been causing a bit of lower leg irritation, so I’m moving back to a more cushioned shoe. I’m with you in that I prefer a cushioned shoe. Mizuno’s are just too firm for me – I prefer the cushioning of Asics and Brooks.

  9. Like suzyheather, I don’t even waste time trying on the Nimbus. I’ve run in the Asics Nimbus and Nike Vomero for quite a few years. I do running in the Mizuno Waverider for half-marathon and shorter. I am 220lbs so I need/appreciate the cushioning.

  10. I ran in Asics Nimbus last year and loved the shoe. It actually lasted me a really long time because after I retired it from running, I used it at work and it was great. The support is really nice and the only reason I changed was I wanted to see how my foot responded to a different type of shoe. I would certainly buy the shoes again. Right now I’m using vivobarefoot for trails and Saucony Kinvara for roads and treadmill runs. Both are working great!

  11. I just got a pair of the Nimbus 16s and I love them. I had been running in the Cumulus all year and they were on their way out. I found a deal on the Nimbus since the 17s were coming out. I love the extra cushioning. They fit similarly to the Cumulus, they just have a bit more cushion. I also run in the Saucony Triumph and have been alternating between them.

      1. No I just have the Triumph 11. Got them for a deal too since the ISO was coming out. 🙂 They look really nice, but if I buy another pair of shoes my husband will kill me.

  12. Have had every nimbus since 13. Loved them all. Could buy them blind. Did marathons in all of them without problems. Now bought the 17 and the balls of my feet hurt badly. Somehing in the construction (the soft ride and/or new toebox design) is not working for me. I will have to search for new shoes again, our find a retailer with a stock of 16s…

    1. That is exactly what is going on with m nimbus as well. The upper rub on my two big toes and I’ve gotten pretty bad blisters (obviously wearing proper socks).

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