More Recovery Update 3

It has been another week of recovering and running…

To update you I believe I’m slowly getting better from my issues.  This is from a number of factors including aggressively going to a chiropractor, stretching and getting deep tissues massages on my leg.  I’m not going to sit and let my muscles fester with injury.

I’ve been told “just resting” is not going to solely allow me to recover…so I’m not going to “just rest”.  I’m going to actively try and solve the problem. (ETA: I wasn’t told by someone I’m actually getting work done with, so I know they weren’t telling me to overdo deep tissue massages and chiro sessions to pay more…)

If you live in South Jersey and need a chiropractor or deep tissue masseuse, don’t hesitate to send me an email.  I can give you the information of the people I’ve been seeing.  Both are great and without them I would still be hobbling around.

A few updates since last week:

  • I think the slope road has been irritating my hip. I stopped running in that location.
  • I also think my running shoes wore quicker than normal. Both have been replaced and I’m currently running in the Saucony triumphs and the Asics Nimbus 17.  Both I like and both I’ll have reviews on when I have at least 100 miles of running in them.
  • My injury has left my adductor muscle and hamstring. It is now very localized in my hip as well as piriformis muscle.  I feel like it’s very sore at the attachment sites
  • I’ve gone to the chiropractor once since last week. I am really hoping the reason my piriformis is so sore is because she worked a little bit on that muscle.  Only time will tell!

Where is my running headed?

I have no goal races for a while.  With my wedding coming up in 3 weeks, my energy goes towards that.  It will make me a boring running blogger to follow but there are plenty of runners training for Boston if you are in need of a fix…

I’ll still be racing and participating in road races but I’m not actively training for anything.  I am not magically better but I am taking care of underlying issues.  Muscle injuries are the worst because you never know when they will get better.

Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Have you ever gotten trigger point?  How sore were you afterwards?