Runners You Might See Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about “Five different types of Runners“.   After posting and comments from readers, I realized there are far more different types of runners and people that were left out.  I won’t guarantee this will become a series on LOLZ blog but I will post observations.

Runners you might see

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1. Strict schedule Samantha
This runner does not get away from their training schedule at all. If the training plan calls for 10.0076 miles, they follow run 10.0076 miles.

No less and no more

While they are consistently getting better, running with them can be a pain since it’s their way or the highway. You can find them double checking their schedule, pace and garmin splits at any given moment.  It is not uncommon for them to bark “we need to run 1 second faster or 5 seconds slower per mile” on a training run.

2. Media Murderer Maurice
Within 2-3 minutes of finishing a run, Maurice has instagrammed, tweeted and posted whatever else about the run.  If you get lucky they might live tweet the run too! Sometimes you question if they are only running to post about it but hashtag inspirational, hashtag get it done, hashtag run4life. I think all bloggers have a bit of Maurice in them, myself included.

running blog meme

3. Toe the Line Tony
Tony knows every race in a 100 mile radius. Not only does he know every single race, he runs every single race. He can be found picking up various age group awards, medals and writing reviews for each race (is he a blogger?  Who knows…). When you are looking for a goal race (or any race) it’s always best to consult Tony first. He will be able to tell you if the price is worth it, the medal and after party are good and the race course statistics.

running meme 1

4. Overthinking Opera
Opera trains very well. Her training is consistent, she always hits the paces on the schedule and does everything to further her running career. However, when it comes to race time she flops almost every single race. It isn’t because she is poorly trained or because she has a nutrition meltdown, it’s because she over thinks the race. You’ve attempted to pump Opera up and give her confidence in racing…but it doesn’t happen.

5. Group Run Germas
These runners never run alone. In fact, you have never seen them outside of their group runs. Yet on certain times and days of the week about ten people will take up the entire sidewalk or worse, the road. Group runs are fun but taking up an entire road or side walk is not.

Question for you:
Who would you classify yourself as?
For me, I think I’m a mixture of Maurice and Tony. As a blogger, I do overshare my training and I do enjoy doing as many races as my schedule allows!