Week 11: Injury Is Awful.

Want to know the honest truth?

This week was awful for my running.  On the “schedule”, the plan was to have a peak week and then slowly begin to taper the Phoenix Full Marathon.  That obviously didn’t happen. I spent most of the week upset because my back was in a lot of pain.. Long story short I pulled my back muscle in the Rochester airport on Tuesday morning.

Diva moments of the week:

In the words of my favorite celebrity on my favorite TV show… 

tyra banks pain


I cried…a lot.

I told T to cancel our flight tickets to Phoenix.

I texted several people of my issues (several times…) and honestly this week crushed me.   Thank you to my friends (Dad, Victoria and Kris) who put up with those multiple text messages.

I was truly convinced I had a herniated disc or degenerative discs

Both of which have affected my family members in their early to mid 20s.  Due to genetics this is a legitimate concern for my siblings and I. 

I’m being more dramatic then needed but all of these thoughts crossed my mind.  With three weeks until my goal race, the last thing I want or need is an injury. Since my back hurt I was in an awful mood most of the week.  Until Friday afternoon I had talked myself out of the marathon.

Monday: 20 miles treadmill
Tuesday: Travel home, hurt back, throw hissy fit and rest
Wednesday: Continue to throw hissy fit, be a diva and rest
Thursday: First chiropractor appointment
Friday: Cross training AMT
Saturday: 10 miles Resume normal training
Sunday: 10 miles easy
Total 40

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the week:

On Monday I started the week off well.  I ran 20 miles on the treadmill.  I had no issues, felt good and had an overall great run.  It was my longest run on the treadmill and I played it safe.  Since I was in Rochester and they received 2 feet of snow, running outside on Monday was not an option. I just zoned out and ran.  I didn’t push the pace and felt great. I wasn’t in pain during or after the run.

On Tuesday morning in the Rochester Airport I threw out my back.  I was in a significant amount of pain and hobbled to my airplane and then ventured back home.  I’ve strained muscles in my back a few times.  Normally it takes 2 days and I’m pretty much healed.  This particular case left me unable to walk (that has never happened) and I didn’t feel any better two days later. I began to worry and panic it was something more serious.

Since I wasn’t feeling any better on Thursday I decided to jump the gun and make a chiropractor appointment.  I was in more of a panic mode because my marathon is in 3 weeks.  If I wasn’t running my second marathon so soon I don’t think I would have been so aggressive.

I literally said “this is my first time going to a chiro, I am in pain and I’m probably over reacting and being a diva.  Please help”.   We chatted about my issues and he did an adjustment (I guess that is what it is called). He said I had a couple of pinched nerves which he was easily able to locate. He made me feel a lot better because he said he sees multiple people with the same issue.   I am not a special snowflake!  Hooray!

I woke up Friday morning in more pain. I didn’t begin to see relief until Friday afternoon.  It was as if all of a sudden my back started to feel better.  It took the better part of the weekend but it felt good enough that I could run on Saturday.  It didn’t get any worse or any better while running on Saturday. On Sunday I felt relatively normal running. I’m stiff from a few days off but that will go away soon.

In summary, I think I had a really bad strained muscle in my back.   My guess is the 20 miler on the treadmill made my back tight and I tweaked my spine in the morning.  I’ve strained my back before but never this serious.  I might have over reacted a bit but we have all been there.  

I was not physically able to walk on Tuesday or Wednesday (thinking about running made me in pain). By Thursday I was able to walk and by Friday I almost walked normal.

Then the weekend was obviously the best part since I was able to run injury free again.  I’m glad to start and end this week injury free (I’ll just forget about the middle).  Only 3 weeks until Phoenix so it’s time to relax and taking care of the other factors.

Thanks to everyone who put up with my diva status this week. I hope this is the worst issue of the training cycle. I guess it’s time to enter the taper crazies.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been to a chiropractor?

Do you over react during running injuries?

I think the fact that I was injury free for this cycle and to have something sneak up like this made me more of a diva than normal.  I would say I overreact in running injuries though (I’m a pretty big baby).