Wedding Wednesday

Another Wednesday and another post with alliteration cleverly titled “Wedding Wednesday”. I feel like LOLZ blog has been divided into three main categories: running, the wedding and my personal life. With two months to go, my wedding seems to be getting more and more real.  Honestly we have been engaged for 10 months now and I’m really glad we waited a full year.  It gives us plenty of time to prepare and not be stressed about it.  I truly say there hasn’t been anything that has stressed me out during this process and I have enjoyed it.  I think I would have been stressed if we had decided to only be engaged 6 or 8 months though.

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We are still getting married

What have I done since last time we talked? 

I have completed a lot of “busy work” items. I labeled and mailed all of the wedding invites. To be honest, labeling wedding invites have been my least favorite part of wedding planning.  There hasn’t been anything I haven’t enjoyed except labeling invites. I have mentioned several times but I think people overdo invites that will only end up in the trash. We wanted nice wedding invites but we also saw no point to spend 1000 dollars on them. I would rather put that money towards the party part of the wedding.  My entire wedding mentality is: “It’s one big party”.  At the end of the day, it’s a cause of a celebration and enjoying a party.  

A lot of busy work items include just talking to the wedding vendors and caterers and making sure everyone is on the same page.  My bridesmaids have been great and all ordered their dresses and decided on shoes.  The original dress we wanted become out of stock…we decided on a new one about 5 minutes later.  There were no fights, tears or anything else…the conversation went something like this:

This Bridesmaid dress we chose is sold out.

I guess we should find a new one.

Oh that one looks good too…does everyone like it?


Okay great, moving on to the next thing.

I’m so glad they aren’t stressed about the wedding either.

Speaking of Bridesmaids, one of my best friends and Bridesmaids, Theresa, is expecting her baby girl today.  I could not be happier for her.  This will be her fourth child and she is one of the most inspirational woman I know.  I’ve been friends with T for (holy moly) almost a decade.  I could be happier for her and her family.

So gorgeous.
So gorgeous.

On the wedding front, we also finally booked our honeymoon! 

That is the most exciting wedding aspect Tim and I have accomplished. After throwing a few ideas around, we ultimately decided on a cruise. It fits our schedule and it would be nice to get away from everything (including the internet!).  If you have any suggestions or advice for cruises, I am all ears.

When T and I stopped in Florida last year moving from Texas to NJ.
When T and I stopped in Florida last year moving from Texas to NJ.

One of more unique ideas we threw around for a Honeymoon is going on a “Running Tour”. For those who don’t know, Tim and I actually met through collegiate running so we thought this would be cool.  We thought it would be fun to take a vacation to Costa Rica to just run and relax. Unfortunately the dates didn’t work with our wedding and honeymoon schedule. It would be a lot of fun to go Costa Rica Termarindo or San Jose next December.  This is a vacation I know we would eventually like to do.  As runners, travel races and vacations are always fun.  Costa Rica is also one of my favorite vacation places in general. 

Doing all that research makes me want to one day take a running vacation for the only purpose but to get away. I think that is such a fun idea if both members enjoy running! I’ll need to start watering my money tree!

There were many other Honeymoon places we discussed:

  • Several different cruise options (leaving from California)
  • Costa Rica (that is one of my favorite places)
  • Hawaii or staying in Florida

We ultimately decided on a cruise leaving from Florida and going to the Caribbean.  We will be spending a few days in Key West as well.  So any and all advice is always welcome. I will say I don’t really plan to blog a lot during April during our honeymoon.  That would be weird.

That’s “all” I’ve gotten accomplished in the last month.  Our wedding is in two months so I bet the next two months will be the most chaotic.

Questions for you:

If you are married, did you go on a honeymoon?

Would you ever go on a running tour?

I think it would be so much fun, I just worry about staying injury free that long during a training cycle.