Marathon Week 10: 64 Miles

This week was all about that base…bout that base…no tempo (How many parodies can you do of that song?).  After careful consideration, I decided not to race a 5k.  Laura, Heather! Brittany and I decided it was not worth it to drive through a storm for a 5k. My 20 dollar race entry went to a good cause…I have no regrets about not showing.
Training this week:

Monday: 10.7 miles easy
Tuesday: 10.7 miles easy in the blizzard that wasn’t
Wednesday: 10.75 miles easy
1.75 miles picking up my car finally
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 10.75 miles easy
Saturday: 10 miles on the treadmill easy chatting to Laura
Sunday: treadmill miles 10)
Total: 64 miles

As I said last week, my goal was to build more base.  It didn’t work out for me to have a long run this week since I was traveling.  After last weeks 21 miler on Friday, I needed to skip a longer run this week.  I have two 20 milers left before Phoenix.

I could have run one mile loops on this road...
I could have run one mile loops on this road…

My weekly runs were boring and safe.  I ran very similar routes for the entire week because of the ice factor in NJ.  We received a lot of snow and ice which made a lot of the roads/sidewalks not clear.  In order to stay safe, I picked routes that I knew were plowed.  While running the same route daily isn’t the most exciting run, I knew it was the safest (besides the treadmill)

Cliff notes version: This was a boring training week but I’m not injured.

Next week:

I’ll be traveling back to NJ and I also have a long run planned.  I might do a very small cross country 5k next weekend but it depends on my work schedule.

I’m keeping my update short this week because there wasn’t much going on.  Plus it’s Super Bowl and I’m traveling.  Enjoy your day!

Questions for you:

What was your most exciting workout this week?

Do you have any Super Bowl Plans?

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  1. uneventful training weeks are the glue for a good training cycle.

    We had 70 degree weather while you guys on the East coast got all that snow and ice….here I was thinking “spring is here!!”, and then last night half a foot of snow dumped on us – so treadmill is was this morning for my long run. Thank the gym gods for WiFi and Netfix.

  2. Okay, so after perusing the menu for the diner with the pancakes. WHY does it have to be in New York. I want them all. Like, right meow. Haha! I’d go with you in a HEARTBEAT. WHY SO FAR?!

    Have a good Sunday! Safe travels <3

  3. I’ve been running up and down the same stretch over road over and over again when I can as well! Or sometimes around the same field, which seems to be the only one which doesn’t permanently have grass that it frozen solid. I’ll take anything over the treadmill!

    It’s definitely not worth the risk to drive to a 5k in a raging storm – it looks as though you got some great runs in anyway, and being safe is always better than being injured!

  4. My most exciting run this week was a brew run Thursday night. The running store is doing them every Thursday for the next few months from a different bar or restaurant. It’s need because it rotates to different areas of town. And there’s food and beer specials.

    Glad you got some good mileage in! Definitely not worth risking it for a 5K in bad weather either.

  5. Knocked out the first race of the season (Super Couch Potato 5k) in 22 minutes today, so that was a good start. They had a raffle for a flat-screen TV, but I was at the other end of the race sponsor bar when they were calling my name, and I missed out. You win some, you lose some, lol.

  6. Ten miles a day is really impressive! I’ve always been a fan of longer miles if the legs can take it. My most exciting workout this week was a 400 meter repeat workout. It was also my shortest, but most invigorating. Sometimes I really love speed! My Super Bowl plans were to watch Gilmore Girls and eat sushi with a couple friends. It was a success!

  7. I have my “safe” routes, too, for the cruddy weather days. And I got in a 22 miler on sat, so I’d say that was my big workout of the week. I only have one more to go, on Feb. 14 and then it’s taper time!

  8. I actually started my run outside this morning, but then realized how slushy/icy is was … and turned around and ran on the treadmill instead. That risk is never worth it. Great week for you overall!

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