Brownstone Diner (Jersey City)

Brownstone Diner (Jersey City)

I went to the Brownstone diner with Danielle, Amelia, and Dori in October. I know I am a few months behind, but I wanted to wait until I tasted the Legendary Brownstone pancakes. The first time I went to the Brownstone Diner, I was in Jersey City before going to FitBlog NYC. The second time I was on the way to visit my brother (Danielle and Amelia, you guys were out of town, or we would have gone again!). This diner has even been on the food network. One step inside and I can see why!  This is a staple and very well known diner in New Jersey.

Brownstone Diner Atmosphere: B
The Brownstone Diner looks like a normal building that you might drive (or in our case, walk) right by. If you aren’t coming specifically for the diner, chances are you will miss this hidden gem! The inside is clean and cute. I liked the signs to the restroom, the NJ turnpike and NYC.

The attitude of the staff was friendly but nothing to write home about.

Brownstone Diner Coffee: B
The coffee was good. The whipped cream was tasty, but the waitress only refilled the small cup once.

Brownstone Diner Coffee

Brownstone Diner Food: A
While the Brownstone Diner menu is known for their pancakes, all of the food at the Brownstone Diner is good. They are known as a pancake factory, but they have good buffalo chicken, stir fry, and french toast. The Brownstone Diner was even on diners, drive-ins, and dives. The first time I went to the Brownstone Diner, I had had their Greek Salad. The salad was by far the best diner salad I’ve had in a while.

There was plenty of dressing (but not soupy), plus the salad was huge. I ordered a size of salmon, which was very worth it. It came with pita bread and grape leaves. It also didn’t come with a hard-boiled egg (something I don’t care for).  It was one of the biggest diner salads I’ve had, and it was also one of the most high quality.

Brownstone Diner Salad

The next time I went to the Brownstone Diner, I was dying to try the pancakes. I mean that is what the Brownstone Diner is known for! After debating which pancakes to try, I ordered the cherry pancakes. It took me back to college when I did the pancake challenge several times. I have yet to find a restaurant that rivaled the amazement of those pancakes. The pancakes were stuffed with cherry jam and delicious.  These are BY FAR the best pancakes I’ve had in a diner.

cherry pancake

Whipped cream like a boss
Whipped cream like a boss

The problem at the Brownstone Diner (Jersey City) is everything looks and has been so good. The choices are overwhelming.

Brownstone Diner Cost: $
The salad and coffee were 17, and the coffee and pancakes were 11.

Would I come back to the Brownstone Diner (Jersey City)?
Overall atmosphere: A
I hope I get to come back again soon. The Brownstone Diner in Jersey City is excellent, and I’ll be back again.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Price: 5-15 dollars
Brownstone Diner (Jersey City) Overall: A

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Question for you: Where are the best pancakes you’ve had? 

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  1. I love Greek salads- my absolute favorite salad. Cobb salads are a close second. Honestly the best pancakes I’ve ever had are probably homemade blueberry pancakes, but there’s a place in Harrisonburg called the Little Grill (hippie joint, I think you would like it- check it out if you’re ever at JMU) and they make blue monkey pancakes- banana and blueberry. So good!

  2. THOSE PANCAKES! Wow. They look amazing! I would absolutely run a marathon for a chance to eat a stack of those. SO, the bast pancakes I ever had were at the diner in Voorhees that CLOSED. They had excellent chocolate chip pancakes. I need to find a local pancake replacement.

  3. Those pancakes look delicious! I love the pancakes at Moe’s Crosstown Tavern here (ok so it’s really the only place I get pancakes). Each Sunday they have a special pancake and it’s fun, the special is always delicious but the buttermilk regular ones are pretty good too. That salad looks good as well, with a big portion of salmon. I don’t blame you to go back to this diner a lot for those prices either.

  4. Wow those pancakes look AMAZING! The best pancakes I’ve ever had we’re at the RPCC dining hall when I went to Cornell. There is this “thing” known on the campus that everyone has to go to Sunday brunch at a dining hall on the freshman quad. The pancakes are made-to-order and toppings are unlimited! I remember putting peanut butter, oreos and bananas in some and they were GREAT!

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