Running Gear I Splurged On

Right now I enjoy running in whatever gear I want. I have no commitment, loyalties or contracts to wear a certain brand.  This is extremely nice because working at a running store, I  see a lot of different gear that comes in and out.  I get to see the newest arrivals and think about my running wardrobe decision before purchasing anything.  It’s impossible for brands to release perfect pieces of product every time so it’s nice to not be linked to one brand.  It is also hard for my paycheck since I see a lot of nice stuff come in that I want to buy (especially with this cold).  I’m always ten jackets ahead of people so I can never have enough layering.

A few weeks ago, I wrote wrote an article about how to save money while running in the winter. This week I wanted to write about products I splurged on and love.  

This post contains no affliliate links and all of these products I bought. 

 Oiselle flyte long sleeve (updated 2015 version): $66 with 30% off

This yellow top
This yellow top

I bought this while I was still on the Oiselle violee team, so I had a team discount. I like how fitted the top is. It fits well that it’s a fashionable top and it doesn’t chafe even I run. It’s not warm and doesn’t block wind well but it’s a great top for running in moderate temperatures or walking around.

New Balance NYCM jacket (similar jacket): $75
I bought this jacket at the NYCM. While I bought it because I was running the race, it has proved to be one of the best wind blocking jackets I own.


New Balance Chameleon Jacket 150 
I liked my NYCM jacket so much that I searched for something this year as well..  The chameleon jacket is one the warmest normal jackets I own.  The front has wind paneling so on windy days in the winter, you aren’t chilled to the bone.  I was on the fence with purchasing it but after I did realized I definitely made no mistake.  It’s warm and breathable.  Go New Balance.

new balance jacket

Nike Element Shield Legging: 90

If I’m paying 90 dollars for a pair of leggings, I want them to keep me warm.  These leggings are one of the warmest on the market.  They have a built in paneling for wind resistance.  This has been my best purchase of the season and the product I recommend to anyone.  I can wear these while running or when I want to keep warm.  They are the ultimate legging.

I tried to find a photo of me, but I can’t do the leggings justice because they look like a normal pair of black leggings.  Trust me, if you invest in them, you won’t regret it.

nike element shield

Together with my inexpensive running clothes and cotton shirts, this makes up most of my weekly winter wardrobe.  If it’s too cold for me, I end up going inside.

Question for you:

What are some pieces of winter apparel you have splurged on lately and loved (feel free to add a link!)?



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  1. I have a New Balance jacket also and it’s my absolute favorite. It looks pretty thin so I wasn’t expecting it to keep me very warm, but it works! It’s my coldest weather running jacket. I wonder if it works particularly well in Philly where, for instance, right now it’s 21 degrees without the wind chill and 9 degrees with. Wind is killer.

    1. I agree. I am surprised with how awesome New Balance has done in apparel in shoes the last year!

  2. I splurge on Nike running leggings, and recently on a good new sports bra- sweaty Betty ultra run bra. I also have the SB thermals which are amaxibg, but which I received for review so did not pay for. Gorgeously warm though!

  3. The Go-Jogging have been my splurge…I wear them to workout, go out, and just lay around in. I only buy pants if I can do both of those things in them LOL.

  4. i’m going to splurge on a new pair of running shoes this weekend in hopes to start training for a half again.
    i do often get new shoes for crossfit though and recently splurged on a cute sweatshirt i was wanting forever. living on a tight budget lately makes it less exciting :/

    1. I agree about living on tighter budget makes life less exciting. It doesn’t sound like I am from this post but we have been saving a lot lately. Let me know what shoes you end up going with!

  5. I always splurge on shoes :). Well, I try to find the best ways to save on shoes but it’s not something to go cheap on, and if I need a more expensive pair of shoes or just happen to NEED shoes when they are not on sale, I do not think twice about the money. I also splurge on good running socks rather than the cheap ones, the cheaper ones gave me blisters and maybe some people can run in cheap socks but I’d rather not.

    I do get discounts via TrySports so I wear a lot of their shirts. I know some people are product ambassadors but I’d hate to be limited to a certain brand, particularly for shoes bc some shoes just don’t work for some people.

  6. I definitely splurge on my Nike quarter zips and I have a really nice Brooks jacket that I got for Christmas one year. Oh, and those mizuno breath thermal tights. Other than that, I don’t buy a lot of expensive gear anymore. But I usually end up spending my entire paycheck and then some on clothes whenever I’m working. It’s a serious problem.

  7. I always spend on running/workout clothes, especially tight, shorts and sports bras. It’s not worth the risk of chaffing or a wardrobe malfunction during a good workout or even worse, a race. Let’s not even talk about the shoes….

  8. Definitely splurged on the Athleta Frontrunner jacket ( It was way more than I have ever spent on a jacket, but worth every penny. The conversion to fanny pack feature has been great. I also splurged on the Athleta Ski Line pants – they are fleece tights and I wore them in 14 degrees and my legs were completely fine for a 14 mile run. They er also just great to wear in a house that your husband keeps to cold! And I guess I splurged a lot this season 🙂 But I also paid more than I usually would for a pair of Lululemon Speed Tight II *Full-On Luxtreme (Brushed) ( – this was more than what I would usually pay for tights, but they have turned out to be a great weight (between thin tights and the fleece) and the brushed fabric does a great job with wind. And I guess I am a sucker for color . . .

    1. Yeah and those are super cute too. I’ve heard the lulu tights are awesome and something I want to try! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I actually have not bought running gear in the longest time, because the things that I splurged on years ago still rock! I bought a pair of $90 leggings from Lululemon about four years ago and they are still my favourite things to wear when it’s not July / August.

  10. When I ran the Detroit Half Marathon in 2013, I bought one of the Detroit 13.1 New Balance jackets. I got a men’s small because I didn’t like any of the women’s styles they had. I think I paid $120 for it and it is still to this day my most-worn jacket. It is great for winter running, great as a light-weight jacket in the spring or fall, great to bring to work during the summer when the office is cold, and great to throw on when I’m lounging around the house. I would not have paid $120 for that jacket if it hadn’t been tied to a race I was running, but I wanted something from the Detroit Half and I have never regretted that purchase!

    1. Some of my best and favorite pieces of running apparel have come from races. That NYCM jacket being one of them!

  11. I have a couple pairs of under armour lined leggings that were totally worth the purchase for winter running. But who am I kidding, I am more likely to be on the treadmill so don’t really purchase a lot of winter gear. I keep saying I want to buy a new vest and will then run outside but who am I kidding? Cold weather baby 🙂
    Not a splurge bc I got them for $45 but a new pair of wave sayonara’s since I left my other pair at my beach house, I love that shoe!

  12. I definitely find that splurging on warm winter running clothes and good jackets makes the most sense for me! It’s also great when I can find things on sale out of season!

  13. My Craft baselayers get a lot of use. I own three and should probably get at least one more. SmartWool socks too–those are the only ones I wear during the winter months.

  14. I have those same Nike tights, and they’re perfect for cooler, wet days in San Francisco. You’re totally right — it’s impossible to tell how great they are in the photo. I actually wore them over bike shorts on one particularly rainy day, and while I wouldn’t say I stayed DRY, I was definitely happier than anyone who braved the rain without them!

  15. I haven’t gotten any yet – but I think I want to try mittens instead of gloves. My fingers have been frozen lately!

    1. Mittens certainly keep your hands warmer. I’ll have to pack mine for the cold Syracuse weather this weekend. 😭😭

  16. I don’t run much, but when I do go out in the warmer months, I need a pair of running shorts that hides the crotch sweat well. Ack! seriously.

  17. I splurge on basics, a good tech tee, running tights, a running top and a hoodie. That way as long as I take care of everything and wash by hand, I can use and reuse! More money efficient I think!

  18. Speaking of amazing jackets… the Patagonia Houdini is the absolute sh*t! It’s super light weight and breaks the wind as good as any other jacket I have had… other bonuses it has a super high zip neck line that is COZY and keeps the cold/wind out on top and the pull chord at the waist keeps air out at the waistline… no cold air can possibly sneak in! Final act (pun intended!!) is that it stuffs into it’s own tiny pocket so it’s super easy to throw into a gym bag, purse, whatever!

  19. GAH. I’ve been eyeing the NB jacket on The Clymb and keep contemplating on it. I have two north faces which I guesssss I could use so I’m just… GAH I WANT IT SO BAD. lol

    And Nike leggings… winning.

  20. I’m guilty of splurging on Lululemon stuff, but I’ve been wearing their shorts for years now and they are the best I’ve found. And their running tops fit me the best (unfortunately, since they are pricey).

  21. I actually really like Oiselle’s Wazelle LS; it’s really turned into a staple for me. Also, nothing but Darn Tough wool socks – incredible, and if you wear them out they’ll replace them for life. I’m looking for a good winter jacket, eyeing a couple from Patagonia and Mountain Hardwear, but holy crap $$$.

    I need to check out those Nike leggings. I have plenty of leggings, but none that really seem WARM.

  22. I am always willing to spend money (if I have it, haha) on a quality piece of gear because I know it will last me years (instead of spending small increments of $ a few times that add up to the price of the quality gear over a few years) and is just better overall. It’s always a good investment! For me, in the cold, it’s all about good mittens! I have a nice pair of Columbia mittens I got for Christmas a few years ago that were like $35, and I love them. They keep my hands nice and toasty :). Well worth it!

  23. I have two pairs of those same tights and LOVE them.
    I am ridiculously picky about my running gear, if I am doing something as uncomfortable as running, I nee my clothes to be super comfy. I have not been able to find more than one running jacket that I like EVER. I need to checkout that New Balance one. Wind resistant is one of the top things I look for. I feel like everything now has a hood and it seem to me like it would just flop around!

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