Training Week 9: 61 miles

As I mentioned earlier in the week, my calves were tight this week.  This lead to my plantar fascia becoming tight.  I know if I hadn’t taken proper measures, I would have ended up with plantar fasciitis (Proper measures meaning a deep tissue massage and a day off). This lead to my mileage lower then planned but I don’t care since I’m issue free.

One thing I struggle with when recapping each week is I feel like each week is “unusual”.  I always seem to have something pop up that caused my schedule not to go as planned.

This weekend I had a work gathering last night (which means I had to change my long run).  I was up late last night and running 20 miles this morning would have been painful.  (Hashtag: I need my sleep).  Since I don’t live my life to run, I changed my schedule a little bit.

Monday: 5 miles easy recovery
Tuesday: 11 miles
Wednesday: 10.75 miles
1.5 miles jog back from dropping my car off
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Long Run 21 miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 10. 75 miles shake out
Total: 61 miles


So was this exactly the week I wanted? No.

Did I get in my long run workout in? Yes.

The runs earlier in the week were enjoyable runs.  I was recovering from last week’s long run and none of my runs were anything unusual.  I had to drop my car off at a repair shop to get some work done so I just ran the mile and a half home.

On Wednesday, I noticed I was feeling overall tight and sore.  My calves were extremely tight and I noticed my plantar fascia misbehaving too. I scheduled a deep tissue massage and it cleared everything up.

My original plan was to do a long run on Saturday.  Just like last week the weather did not cooperate. It poured rain, sleet and snow on Friday night and the roads were dangerous on Saturday morning.  If I had run on Saturday, it would have been on the treadmill. 

On Saturday evening, we had a work party until late.  I also couldn’t schedule a long run the night after a night drinking. My options became running long Friday before work or next Tuesday.  I didn’t want to wait until Tuesday in case something else popped up.  So Friday before work it was!

The run: I ran 10.5 miles at 8:30 pace in my Asics Nimbus.  I came home and ran the second half in my flats around 7:30-7:45 pace.  I always forget how much wearing a heavy shoe plays a role in training.  I didn’t feel like I was working a lot harder in my flats but my pace was almost a full minute faster.  I don’t train a lot in my flats but always notice a decrease in pace when I do train in my flats.

I plan to do one more run before my marathon similar to this.  It gave me motivation and I felt strong during the entire run.  It was one of the workouts I know I’ll look back at for the marathon and say “I’m ready”.

I finished the entire run by 9 am since I had to work by 10.  That’s how it goes.

I rested on Saturday and ran easy today.  It wasn’t anything too exciting but it was smart.

Overall thoughts of the week:

I would have liked to log another 70 mile week but due to the timing of my long run (and extra rest day) that didn’t happen.  I got the main run done which was the most important.

Plans for next week:

I’m going to Rochester, NY next weekend so I don’t have a long run planned next week.  I would like to get a higher mileage in next week.  I’m about 1 month away from race day so it’s time to peak my mileage and taper down.

Questions for you:

What is the earliest you have started a workout?

How is the weather this weekend around you?

We received a small amount of snow and ice.  There is a lot of black ice on the ground.

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  1. Even though it didn’t go as planned, that’s still a killer week.! I’m suffering an injury so I only managed 1 this whole week.
    One time I started my run at 4 am. It was crazy but I had tons of runners high. Lol

  2. SO many accidents. I do not watch the news (because it’s mostly negative) so I completely missed the huge pileup on 476. I would be terrified if I was going at high speeds and my car just started sliding. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! I’m glad the massage worked out all the kinks!

  3. So I’ve been training exclusively in some Brooks Ghost 6’s the past couple months, but have been considering picking up a pair of race flats as well (for up to half-marathon distances). I’ve been looking at reviews for the New Balance MRC1600v2 and Saucony Type A6 and both seem like decent options. Have any recommendations for either of these or any others?

    1. I think it’s something I would really try on and work into. Going from a traditional racing shoe to a racing flat is a pretty big jump for anyone. I always hesitate to give out reviews for shoes just because what works for some people, won’t for others!

      1. Sounds like a good plan, just having a tough time finding them in my local running store. The hunt continues, lol…

  4. nice week and miles! Weeks rarely go the way I plan them lol I have gotten up as easrly as 4:45 am to get done in time for getting ready for the kid’s school and work…enjoy next week in Rochester!

  5. The earliest I ever started a workout was 4AM… when I used to skate! Nowadays I always run in the afternoon, though I really admire morning runners. Today was absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on the killer long run!!!

  6. I started some long runs at 5 AM when I was marathon training. It was summer and our regular meetup time for long run was 6 but I had to do more mileage some weeks so 5 it was. I got up at 3:30 for it. I made it work, that’s really what you have to do when training for anything.

    Glad your calves are okay! Massages can work wonders sometimes, love it!

  7. Every Sunday I workout at 4AM before I start work at 6:30. I plan an easy day of cross training because sometimes if I don’t get to bed as early as I’d like, I can be a bit sleepy in the beginning.
    Your going to Rochester? That’s in my neck of the woods! What for?

  8. Sounds similar to my week of mixing a work party with drinking and long runs dont go well haha Still a great week and glad your calves and PF are all good! Youre going to kill this marathon!!

  9. I am so with you on the massages – I have had persistent tight calves for months, and they are the only thing to help! I am learning too that the total mileage for the week does not matter if I am training myself into an injury! Staying healthy is the most important thing!

  10. “One thing I struggle with when recapping each week is I feel like each week is “unusual”. I always seem to have something pop up that caused my schedule not to go as planned.” I think this is true of everyone and is just kind of the nature of training. I try to look at my training plan as more of a guideline for the week and leave room for adjustments as life happens. If you stick to a schedule too rigidly, running stops being fun, and it can produce a lot of stress. I think your “unusual” weeks are just fine!

  11. Heyo, Rochester! As far as training goes, I try to be flexible and expect the unexpected; when workouts all go as planned (in terms of logistics and splits/data), I view it as a bonus.

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