PBs Diner and Tap Room (Glassboro)

PB’s Diner and Taproom (Glassboro, NJ)

Now closed and replaced with The Monarch Diner.

Last weekend, Angela and I finally got a chance to catch up.  Angela is a local (fast) runner and coach. We decided to meet up at one of her favorites and a local staple, “PB’s Diner and Tap Room.”  PB’s Diner and Tap Room is located in Glassboro, NJ.

A diner and a pub?  I file that under strange but normal New Jersey things…

I’ve been to several New Jersey diners and several NJ bars but never a restaurant claiming to be a combination of both.  I guess there is a first time for everything.

PB’s Diner and Taproom Atmosphere: B

I’m still not sure what to think.  On one half of PB’s Diner and Tap Room, there is the tap room, and on the other half, there is a “dining room” diner section.  The dining room is set up well.  It’s precisely what the name says. When Angela and I went, there was a football game playing in the bar, but the dining room was quiet.

Our server was a unique individual. The overall atmosphere seemed tense between the staff and customers.  I’m not sure if the waiters felt overwhelmed or were having a rough day, but it was a tense vibe, and I’m not sure why.

Pb’s Diner and Taproom Coffee: A
This was one of the strangest coffee combinations I have tried. First, I was unsure if a bar would be able to give me coffee and whipped cream. They were able too, and the whipped cream came in a bowl on the side.  The coffee at PB’s Diner and Taproom was good, just different.

PB Diner Coffee

PB’s Diner and Taproom Food: B
PB’s Diner and Taproom menu has typical diner and bar fare. It was precisely what you would you assume a diner to have or a bar to have. They had plenty of pancakes, burgers, salads, and beer.

I ordered the “large” Greek salad with a side of salmon. The house dressing had large chunks of feta and was delicious. The salad at PB’s Diner and Taproom was smaller than I would have hoped and not that filling.  It was a good salad, but I do wish there was more.

Pb Diner Salad

PB’s Diner and Taproom Price: $
The salad and coffee was only 15 dollars.

Would I come back to PB’s Diner and Taproom (Glassboro)?
Overall thoughts: B
The food and coffee were great, but something about the overall vibe of the restaurant turned me off. I’m not sure I’ll be back unless someone suggests.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: A
Food: B
Price: $10-20

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Questions for you:
Have you ever gone to a diner bar? (Must be a Nj thing)

12 thoughts on “PBs Diner and Tap Room (Glassboro)”

  1. seeing all your diner reviews make me want to start to hit up all the “hipster” and local coffee shops in the city i live in and surrounding area. there’s so many out there and i always stick with the same staple. perhaps this will be my hobby once i quit my job… 🙂

  2. I know the diner I go to serves beer and things but I haven’t seen a diner with a actual “tap room” attached to it. Lol I would have eaten the whipped cream with a spoon.

  3. I’ve never heard of a diner bar but hey, whatever works. I do love salmon and Greek salads though, especially with lots of feta. The coffee looks delicious and very generous with whipped cream.

  4. I cracked up at your description of the server as a “unique individual.” When I read “PB Diner” I got really excited because I figured everything on the menu would have peanut butter incorporated somehow…. That would be a diner built for runners, for sure!

  5. Ah, PBs – it definitely has a bit of an identity crisis! 😉 Glassboro only has a certain number of liquor licenses to hand out so when a business gets one, it’s a big deal!

  6. These diners need to have a “Hollie-sized” salad option because they always seem too small for you! All my favorite restaurants have both a dining side and a bar side. I think it’s an Ithaca thing because we love alcohol. It’s a great idea for restaurants because normally what we do is sit at the bar and buy drinks while waiting for a table…where we buy more food and drinks. It’s fun but can get really expensive. Once or twice a month you’ve gotta do it!

  7. A diner/pub combo would be like a dream for me. I grew up on the East Coast but I now live in the Detroit area where most of our diners are called Coney Islands or Coneys…they serve typical diner foods but also a lot of greek/middle eastern foods. A coney greek salad and some lemon-rice soup is one of my favorite meals – but it would be made even better with a good beer!

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