Don’t Just Survive Winter Running…Prosper

In the winter, there are an abundance of articles of how to survive winter running.


In the summer, there are an abundance of articles about how to survive summer running.

Both of those arguments imply we are only surviving the winter and summer months.  We aren’t supposed to enjoy running during that time…just survive.

This means half of the year (Fall and Spring) we aren’t “just” surviving running.  In reality, half of the Spring and Fall weather is either rainy, cold, too hot, or something else to complain about. So for arguments sake we will say about 3 months of the year are good running months.

Except if you are injured during those three months (like me!), then you’ve lost all your months of running for the year.

That logic leads me back to the beginning.  How do you survive and even enjoy running in the winter months?

It’s something I’m battling right now.  I’m not a cold weather person and I’m training for a late Winter marathon.  How that makes sense, I don’t know.  I’e enjoyed most of my runs and enjoy the feeling of getting out there (even if out there is to the treadmill).

Here are a couple tips to enjoy running during colder months:
A: If it’s too cold, run inside. This could mean purchasing a gym membership or treadmill. There is absolutely no shame in running indoors when it’s too cold, dangerous or miserable.

B: If you are running outside layer up. There are countless peices of (expensive and inexpensive) running apparel to keep you warm. As I said last week, there are plenty of inexpensive methods to finding nice running clothes too.

Now there are windbreakers, long sleeves, insulated tops, built in wind breaker leggings and just about anything you can imagine. Google can provide you with ideal layering techniques. Since I’m always ten jackets ahead of people, you would think I wrote the post for the arctic circle (when in reality I live in NJ).

Just remember, running is life long. One run is not going to make or break you. If you are truly sick of winter running, don’t force yourself to run through the winter. Find alternatives that aren’t going to miserable.

Finally, as a public service announcement: don’t try and run fast on ice (run indoors if it’s icy). No run is worth falling and hurting yourself on ice.  I would know since I slipped and fell in a parking lot in college.   I ended up breaking my arm.

How do you enjoy winter running?