Westmont Diner

On Wednesday evening, I met Liz at the Westmont Diner.  We had been talking about hanging out for the last 2 months but work has gotten the best of us.  Thank goodness our schedules finally collided because I don’t think I could wait any longer (this is a true fact).  Liz and I met last June at the 10k we both ran.

liz and I

We met at the Westmont Diner around 6:30.  It wasn’t busy but the parking lot was small.

Atmosphere: B

The diner is in a shopping center.  I struggle with giving the diner an A atmosphere because of the location   The inside was super cute though.  It’s small and looks like it was get busy quickly.  It was nicely decorated for the Holidays.

The waitress was one of the nicest I’ve ever had (at a diner).  She really made you feel at home.  It was clear this was not the GloboDiner that you picture NJ to have.  I cannot sing the politeness of the waitress enough songs.  She was so nice and welcoming.

Coffee: A
As you can see from the tower of whipped cream, the coffee did not disappoint.  Both Liz and I decided this was in the top five best diner coffee we have had. I ordered decaf.  Often times (at diners or in general) the decaf coffee is bland. This coffee was not at all bland and was perfect. The waitress even added the large and in charge tower of whipped cream each time.  I think I had more sugar from coffee than I have all week.

Westmont Diner Coffee

Food: B
As far as diners go, the Westmont diner had a smaller menu. There were lots of options (compared to other restaurants) but not too many. The Westmont diner did have more specials then most diners.  You can certainly get a good deal on food there!

I ordered the Greek Salad with chicken as well as pita bread (Sound familiar right?). This particular Greek salad was pretty small. It came with the typical Greek salad fare: lettuce, onions (maybe 2?) olives, tomatoes and feta. I would have liked to see more salad but other then that it was pretty good…just small.  Besides the portion size, the salad was pretty good.

Westmont Diner Salad

It was 15 dollars for the coffee (with chicken and pita) and coffee. That isn’t the most expensive salad I’ve had. I wish for the cost there was more but it wasn’t expensive.  I would say it was a good deal overall.  I have no complaints about the price.

Overall Experience: B
Would I come back?

I think the waitress alone would make me want to go back. She was so polite and friendly. My only complaint is not enough food (per normal diner) but the food was good. I will be back.  Since I live close by, I will be back to see her.

Question of the day:
Liz and I got into a heated discussion: what are the best type of olives?


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  1. I was eating breakfast at a meeting this week, and they had a GIGANTIC bowl of whipped cream on the buffet, and it made me think of you. I pictured just how much of it you would commandeer for your coffee.

  2. Hey Hollie, do you ever Yelp about the diners you’ve been at? You’re so thorough I think they would benefit from your analysis.

  3. I just believe olives belong on basically every salad a diner offers – not just the Greek! We need to campaign for this somehow…

  4. I love when the waitress/waiter is nice. It automatically makes the whole experience better! As for olives… you’re going to hate me… I don’t like them!

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