Training Week 2: 62 miles

Woah, I realized I didn’t type up my running log for last week.  Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with how good I felt. This is partly because I took a nice week off from racing as well as I got a deep tissue massage.

Speaking of deep tissue massages, I’ve found a great person down in South Jersey.  If you are ever looking for a recommendation just pop me an email.  I cannot sing my lady enough songs.

I’m starting to increase my mileage.  I owe another post sometime soon but (knock on wood) I’m confident.  I’m going to stay around 60-70 miles for a month and incorporate some speed as I continue more miles under my belt.  I will be keeping a full rest day (at least one) weekly.  I have found in the last few years that works for me.  If I could afford to get a deep tissue massage every rest day, I would!

Monday: 5.04 miles around the Lake
Tuesday: AM: 5.25 miles with Tim
PM: 5.3 miles solo
Wednesday: 14 miles+ Deep tissue massage
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 10.15 miles fast finish
Saturday: 5.14 miles Ugly Sweater group run
Sunday: 17 miles
Total: 62 miles


Due to travel I had to split mileage up on Tuesday.  I forgot how much I enjoyed doing doubles and I might keep doing that.  I was able to add extra mileage without the feeling of a lengthy run.

For my midweek long run, I had planned to run 12 miles.  I ended up getting lost (literally in my own neighborhood) and ran 14.  Last Sunday I had run 15 miles and felt tired and sore.  During my 14 miler on Wednesday, I felt strong and confident.  I got a deep tissue massage later in the evening and relaxed on Thursday.

So far, the Amino Acids I have been using have been making me feel really strong.  I’m not sure if it’s just mental or I’m beginning to feel the physical effects but I have been feeling much stronger.  If everything goes like the previous week, I will be purchasing these when I go through this container.  I can notice a huge difference in my running this week versus last week.  This week I don’t feel as if I’m slogging through miles (last week I did).  The difference could be getting more comfortable with the distance but I also believe it has to do with having one scoop of the amino acids daily.

Goals next week:

Next week is Christmas obviously.  I plan to keep mileage around 65-70.  I also plan to add a few speedier miles (no races).   I think for a while this will stay my comfort zone.

Questions for you:

Have you ever gotten lost during a run?

Where is your comfort zone with mileage?

For me, I run the best when I’m comfortably running around 70 miles.  All of my PRs have coming running that distance.  I don’t consider myself “comfortably running that mileage just yet, since I’ve only logged one week).