Training Week 2: 62 miles

Woah, I realized I didn’t type up my running log for last week.  Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised with how good I felt. This is partly because I took a nice week off from racing as well as I got a deep tissue massage.

Speaking of deep tissue massages, I’ve found a great person down in South Jersey.  If you are ever looking for a recommendation just pop me an email.  I cannot sing my lady enough songs.

I’m starting to increase my mileage.  I owe another post sometime soon but (knock on wood) I’m confident.  I’m going to stay around 60-70 miles for a month and incorporate some speed as I continue more miles under my belt.  I will be keeping a full rest day (at least one) weekly.  I have found in the last few years that works for me.  If I could afford to get a deep tissue massage every rest day, I would!

Monday: 5.04 miles around the Lake
Tuesday: AM: 5.25 miles with Tim
PM: 5.3 miles solo
Wednesday: 14 miles+ Deep tissue massage
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 10.15 miles fast finish
Saturday: 5.14 miles Ugly Sweater group run
Sunday: 17 miles
Total: 62 miles


Due to travel I had to split mileage up on Tuesday.  I forgot how much I enjoyed doing doubles and I might keep doing that.  I was able to add extra mileage without the feeling of a lengthy run.

For my midweek long run, I had planned to run 12 miles.  I ended up getting lost (literally in my own neighborhood) and ran 14.  Last Sunday I had run 15 miles and felt tired and sore.  During my 14 miler on Wednesday, I felt strong and confident.  I got a deep tissue massage later in the evening and relaxed on Thursday.

So far, the Amino Acids I have been using have been making me feel really strong.  I’m not sure if it’s just mental or I’m beginning to feel the physical effects but I have been feeling much stronger.  If everything goes like the previous week, I will be purchasing these when I go through this container.  I can notice a huge difference in my running this week versus last week.  This week I don’t feel as if I’m slogging through miles (last week I did).  The difference could be getting more comfortable with the distance but I also believe it has to do with having one scoop of the amino acids daily.

Goals next week:

Next week is Christmas obviously.  I plan to keep mileage around 65-70.  I also plan to add a few speedier miles (no races).   I think for a while this will stay my comfort zone.

Questions for you:

Have you ever gotten lost during a run?

Where is your comfort zone with mileage?

For me, I run the best when I’m comfortably running around 70 miles.  All of my PRs have coming running that distance.  I don’t consider myself “comfortably running that mileage just yet, since I’ve only logged one week).


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  1. I haven’t gotten lost in quite a while on a run but i used to all the time when figuring routes out. Luckily back then I was okay doing a bit extra, now I don’t think I would be! Right now my mileage is at about 30 with no plans to increase.

  2. Great week of training – I’m really glad it is going so well! I have gotten lost, the most notable was a 12 mile run turned into over 16. But, that gave me the confidence to do my first ultra – so i say it was worth it!

  3. 60 miles & feeling good – way to go! My mileage normally ends up between 25 and 35 miles without effort, but I also don’t really follow a training plan beyond incorporating one longer run, one interval run, and some speed work on a weekly basis. I am thinking that if I ever want to get serious about improving my half marathon time, my mileage will probably have to increase, but for now I am happy with my mileage b/c it allows for off days & a busier schedule & running only when I want to 🙂

  4. Great week Hollie – and more importantly you are feeling confident. That is awesome 🙂

    My longest run before 2012 was back in ~1991 when I was on business in West Palm Beach and quick glanced at the map, and it was so gorgeous (it was January and snowy at home in Mass) that I decided to do more than the original route and extended it figuring it added a mile or so … but the bock was slanted rather than square … and I ended up with 9+ miles rather than 5! Considering my daily mileage was 4 … that was huge!

    My comfort zone is ~60 miles, a little less in the winter, a little more in the summer. Considering my yearly total will be well over 3000 miles, I obviously had more ‘>60’ miles than those under 60 🙂

  5. I HAVE gotten lost! A couple of times actually, both times on trail runs. One time it resulted in my run being almost double what I had intended because once I figured out where I was, it was a longgg journey back to the car.

  6. Great week, Hollie, congrats!
    I also love love love two a days. I like getting the first one out of the way. Ad then I love the way my body feels so different in the afternoon.
    I haven’t gotten lost, but once while traveling in Munich, Germany, I went out for an early morning run and ended up exploring the city for two hours. I came back to the hotel to my mom sobbing (and angry!) she though I had gotten lost, kidnapped, killed…I felt terrible. (It was a great run tho). Still sorry, mom!!!

    1. Thank you so much.

      Wow, I cannot even imagine about getting lost in Germany. Glad to know you are okay! 🙂

  7. Great job this week! I have gotten lost on runs, especially when I first moved around here and just didn’t know my neighborhood very well. Clay once got lost on a bike ride in our old neighborhood (it was a very big neighborhood with lots of small subdivisions in it), and someone was grilling and he followed the smell to find his way back, lol. But I usually ask for directions.

    Glad you got some good runs in and the double. I need to check out the aminos and read about them too. Definitely good that they’re helping you feel stronger on the run.

  8. Daily deep tissue massages would be absolutely amazing! Painful, but amazing for recovery. This off-season, I’ve been around 25-30 mpw, and I feel great. This will probably drop a bit once official triathlon training starts, but I really like this running thing. Running all the miles is fun!

  9. The last time I got lost I ended up running 16 miles. It was a HUGE confidence booster as it was my longest run ever. I think of it as a blessing because I never would have planned a run that long.

  10. I would love a deep tissue massage! Awesome job getting your mileage back up so quickly. My highest mileage was in the 60s a year ago and I was running my prs then, too. I’m not sure that kind of mileage is sustainable for me at this stage of life with everything that I’m juggling, but I do want to get it close to that for the spring marathon training. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  11. I am just baby stepping back into running post stress fracture and feel SO out of shape. I also just moved to a new town and have a feeling the getting lost potential on a run could be very high once I start really training and exploring!

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