How My Parents Became Proud Owners of a Donkey Named Badonkadonk

Yesterday was national dog day.  While dogs are cute (my parents own two), I’m not really a dog person.  Our landlord said no pets so that is the excuse I use when people ask why we don’t have any dogs.  I like other people’s dogs but I’ve never really wanted dogs of my own.

I tweeted yesterday asking if there was a national pet donkey day because my parents own one of those too.  It seems like everything has it’s own holiday these days, so why not a donkey.

But before explaining the story, let me take a selfie
But before explaining the story, let me take a selfie

Immediately I got multiple responses about the donkey and asking for pictures.  Long time readers know that my parents somehow accumulated a pet donkey but I wanted to spread the joy with everyone.

About 10 years ago, (gosh I feel old now), my parents bought a second home on the Eastern Shore of VA. Unlike where they live now, most of the area is farm land.  They bought it for once both my parents retire to move somewhere peaceful.  The house is beautiful and located right on the water.  There are three houses nearby and a bunch of cornfields.  It’s adorable, peaceful and relaxing.  Neither of my parents are farmers or people that know much about farming.  We’ve always lived in rather populated areas and farming never interested them.


The previous owner of the house was a farmer himself.  He owned a donkey, a pig, two chickens and two goats.  When he moved out, he asked if he could if he could leave the animals there while he found homes for them.  They essentially could live off the land and didn’t need anything (from my parents).  My parents said sure…

The first time I visited the house, I loled and said we should name the donkey: Badonkadonk.  My parents and brothers thought it was funny.  It wasn’t our donkey and we didn’t expect to see him for more than a few more weeks so we did.

Hello ladiez
Hello ladiez

Long story short, the previous owner never came and got his animals.  The pig eventually lived a good life and passed away.  The chickens ran away (hopefully not too far because the Perdue farm is right down the road).  My parents began renting the house out and opted to give the goats away to someone who wanted and could care for them.  Goats are mean creatures and the new tenants had a baby.  After putting an ad on craigslist that said Goats for free, they were given a new home in two hours.

Bandonkadonk still lives strong though. We have no idea how old he is or anything about raising a donkey.  Google provided basic information and he has never had any health scares (We believe he must be over the age of 30). The farmer said they live off the land.  We feed him horse seed as well as the acres of grass he has access too.   He seems to be happy and always loves visitors.


  1. Awe! Lol. We’ve had so many animals growing up I had to explain to my friends. My brother even had too much to drink one night and bought two goats at an auction! What do you do with two goats?

    1. Exactly my parents had no idea. You can milk them apparently and they were worth a few thousand dollars…my parents didn’t want to go through the hassle though!

  2. I am so beyond jealous that your parents have a donkey. It is my dream to have enough land some day to have a donkey because I hear they love people and can be very friendly pets! Thank you for sharing and please post more donkey pics in the future 🙂

  3. My gosh I love his name! When I was starting high school my parents bought a new house that is a farm. We had steer, turkeys, horses, sheep and goats (at that time someone else used to rent the farm area). True story – we used to go sledding with the turkeys! But also true story we learned the hard way that things get slaughtered and to not grow attached by naming them 🙁
    Now we just have sheep that we maintain although my parents only live there a few months a year. But it is always fun to have the babies born each spring!

  4. 30 years old?! I had no idea donkeys lived that long! He’s seen more life than I have 😆 I do love that your parents just kept him and let him do his thing, though. Best adoption story ever 😀

  5. Such a sweet face! A donkey is one of the best strange pets I’ve heard of in a while. He looks like he would enjoy some skritches on his head. I’m glad your family gave him a good home!

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