Wedding Fears

It hit me on August 1st that Tim and I have been engaged for four months.  I have done two wedding posts but beyond that I barely talk anything wedding related.  I still have 8 months to go…I figure if people train for a marathon in a month…I can plan a wedding in a month…right?  Right.

We aren’t stressed about the wedding in the slightest.  In fact, we are truly enjoying our time and moments together.  We have our venue and photographer.  We are looking into catering and in a couple of weeks I go down to VA to look at dresses.

Both my parents and my future parents (who I consider my parents) have been so helpful and supportive.  I don’t have any crazy stories about being a bridezilla (yet) because it’s all relative.  Will anyone remember your flowers or center pieces…eh probably not.  Plus I don’t really do well in high stress environments, so I don’t let them get to that level.  We want a nice wedding but I don’t spend my entire day on pinteresting, wedding websites or looking at magazines.  In fact I should probably spend a day doing just that.

My next big task is send out save the dates…then who knows what’s next. 

Instead of getting more people’s addresses, I figured out some fears I have about my wedding…

  1. Forgetting my dress and having to run down the aisle in runderwear. I guess I could walk down the aisle in runderwear…but that does take the run out of runderwear… wedding humor
  2. Speaking of running, good thing I want a long wedding dress…I have to cover up those compression sleeves somehow.  What if I don’t find a dress I love and that can cover up my compression sleeves?
  3. I often think about the special moment of recording the walk down the aisle on dailymile (probably after having too many drinks).  What if I don’t post it in a timely matter?  Do I use the walking icon, cross training, running?  So many choices…
  4. Awkwardly rapping Nicki Minaj on a bar table like I did in college…We just won’t have bar tables…but then how will you have a bar?
  5. Humidity making my hair so big that the flower girl and ring bearer get lost inside. Then someone asked if I added tool to my updowedding hair humor
  6. Walking into the large windows because they are cleaned so well
  7. Saying our vows in complete emojis because I forgot how to talk properly. We would have a technology translator (for dad)
  8. Having old smelly running shoes to mark the aisle. If you have any with dirt, mud or grime…or super old school walking New Balances…perfect
  9. Live tweeting and texting my wedding. 5 feet down the aisle…10 feet down the aisle…@dadLOLZ slow down.
  10. Finally…what would happen if we ran out of coffee and whipped cream at the wedding? That would be worse than running out of booze!!  (insert scared emoji here)

At the end of the day something will go wrong and it will be a great LOLZ.

Question for you: Any funny stories of a wedding you went too, your own or saw on Four Weddings?