Typical LOLZ Birthday

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday and had a great time.  Although I was supposed to go up and race Boilermaker in Utica, I had a great time in NJ too.  My birthdays are always ridiculous (this isn’t any different from any other part of my life) but generally something interesting or unusual happens each year.  

It always stinks to be injured but I made the best of the situation.  I still had the weekend off from work and got to hang out with Tim.  (Due to our schedules, we don’t have a lot of free weekend time together).

We wear real clothes occasionally.
We wear real clothes occasionally.

On Saturday night, we went to Mastori’s Diner.  This is my favorite diner dessert wise but not food wise.  The food is decent but it’s really the dessert that makes me want to go there.  My 1500 calorie red velvet cake is probably the reason why.



Anyways the dinner experience itself was interesting.  We sat at a pretty awkward table that made it extremely easy to eavesdrop into all of the work drama.  I heard employees whining, making fun of customers and being overall demanding and rude to each other.  I thought it pretty humerus but it’s definitely something that would upset a lot of people.

Oh well, got my cake which is why I went to begin with.

On Sunday, we went to Atlantic City.  I ended up winning about 40 dollars on the slot machines.  (I never play tables).  I stopped while I was ahead and we used the money to pay for a trip on the Atlantic City boardwalk “Slingshot”.  I am really proud of myself for getting the courage to go on this thing.

Real life roller coaster tycoon
Real life roller coaster tycoon

I had thought it was similar to one of the theme park rides where it takes you up to the top and drops you.  I had expected it to do that.  For some reason I missed the start of the other two times it went off while we were walking up to it.  (There was no line so we didn’t see anyone while waiting).

Seems like guests never want to go on the merry go round in real life either...
Seems like guests never want to go on the merry go round in real life either…

Well you can watch the entire ride here: (it’s like we are hanging out in real life while being launched into space.)

After that we walked around the outlets, hung out on the board walk and just relaxed.  It was overall just a nice relaxing Sunday.

I really appreciate everyone’s birthday wishes and cheer.  I’m not one that makes a big deal out of my birthday and takes “birthday weeks or months” so this was great for me.  I can’t say it’s any fun to be injured on your birthday but I made the best of my situation.  Now my birthday is done so I don’t need to continue thinking the world revolves around me and my birthday,

Anyways this is more photos in one post than my usual month quota (and a video!).

Questions for you:

Have you ever rode a “slingshot ride” or anything similar?

What did you do for your last birthday?