WG marathon Week 8: 55 Miles (Boring)

Monday: 11 mile easy Nike Core and Arms
Tuesday: OFF  
Wednesday: 12.5 miles easy Nike Core
Thursday: 10.75 miles easy  
Friday: 11.25 miles easy  
Saturday: Pineland Striders 10k (41:03) total miles 10.2 Nike Core
Sunday: 15 miles easy. EDIT: OFF  



I’m not really sure what I think about this week of training.  I had wanted to get a tempo run in but my legs were not feeling it.  My legs have absorbed all the mileage from the last few weeks and I’ve found myself extremely tired and sore.  I was hoping to make it until the week of the 6th to take a cut back week but I’m going to cut back this week.

None of my runs except for Saturday were anything exciting.  They weren’t good or bad but nothing really sticks out from them.  They were just miles in the bank.  My race on Saturday (recap Tuesday) was about the same.  It is about 3 minutes from my PR but it was hot, my legs are tired and I don’t expect a summer 10k PR.  That being said I’m happy with my effort and I can never be upset with a tempo workout.

Sunday I had planned to run a shorter long run. I woke up not really feeling anything. Running a 15 mile run wasn’t going to do anything for me and resting was just an all around better choice. I built up to a couple of 20 milers lately and that is not something I want to maintain every single week (nor would it be smart).

That’s all I really have about this week.  I don’t have anything exciting and no wild animals attacked me.  It was just another week of hot, muggy summer training.

Training plans next week:

I want to have a cut back week.  To start off, I’m getting a deep tissue massage tonight.  I know my legs desperately need it, I just haven’t wanted to cough up 100 dollars (YAY NJ is expensive in everything) for one.   I plan to rest my legs running wise.  I think I would like to do some cross training (elliptical and weights).  I don’t really have a set mileage goal next week but my goal is to really recover.  I’m hopefully doing a 5k on July 4th.  I’m hoping a few days of TLC will really get me feeling good.

Questions for you:

Do you get deep tissue massages?

What are your best methods of recovery from hard training weeks?

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  1. Wait a sec – we are in the same time zone… You already ran 15 miles?? I am a slacker – headed out for 36 mile bike ride at 9 am. Hope I don’t get dropped by the group!

    Deep tissue massage is my one major expense – i get one per week. It is a great treat! But I also look at it as more therapy than complete indulgence. That’s what I tell myself anyway 🙂

    How often do you get massage ? Hopefully the massage and cutback will help re-juice your legs.

    Great week of running, Hollie!

  2. Hey, your blog looks really different this morning.

    As far as recovery goes, I am obviously only cross training right now and not running, and when I was running I was not running more than 40mpw, but I did a class called BodyFlow on Sunday… it’s a combination of yoga, tai chi, and pilates. It was very relaxing with lots of stretching and a good way to end a week of workouts. Looks like you had a great week of workouts and congrats on the 10K!!

  3. I love a deep tissue massage but like you, I don’t want to pay the money, lol.
    I have been drinking Vega recovery accelerator after my runs to help aid in recovery. I noticed I haven’t been as sore even after running 4 days in a row.

  4. Woah, new look to the blog! I’m doing a 4th of July 5-K too. Like you said, I’m not expecting anything big with the summer heat, but it will hopefully be a solid tempo/training run.

  5. Love, love, love the new look! I don’t recover well at all, something I’m working on. I’m rounding out this morning with a long run to finish up week 3 of my marathon training. My legs are DEAD! Not actually sure how it will go down today. Luckily I have some motivation from a friend ;).

  6. After a rough long run yesterday, I’m definitely feeling the need for a cut back week myself (even though since I’m running such low mileage right now it’ll just be a shorter long run). I’m also running a 5k on the 4th. 🙂 It’ll be hot and hilly so I’m not expecting anything, but hopefully I will have fun! …in the way you can have fun with a 5k lol.

  7. I have been needing a massage too – I just can’t afford it. I try to do self-massage, and it helps a little but it just isn’t the same. I had a little week this last week and will probably take another – it’s better in the long run for me to rest when I need it! Enjoy your massage (as much as you can – or really, enjoy the benefits after)!

    1. I agree that isn’t the same. It’s something I need to invest in, I just couldn’t take the plunge. I finally did yesterday though.

      1. It’s hard to tell right now. Generally I’m more sore the next few days and then feel great a few days later!

  8. Joining the ‘love the look’ chorus!

    And once again I think you are so smart for listening to your body – you are getting your miles, but not doing anything stupid!

    As for dialing back, I ended up with TWO doubled this week and will be back over 70 miles again in spite of taking the last two weekends off completely (and not training for anything specific). Oh well … and this weekend we did a biking trip and hiked the Watkin’s Glen gorge … so I guess I didn’t really ‘rest’ 🙂

    Hope you had a great weekend otherwise!

  9. And I thought I was cool for being able to run 6 miles! Good work! And I know what you mean with needing rest. I feel that way about rowing sometimes. Rest days usually help me bounce back faster, so I take them when I need them 🙂

  10. Still a strong week and got this nice 10k tempo in too. I think a few rest days is not the worst thing when you know that you need it. You’ve been working really hard, and deserved that deep tissue massage too. Rest up, ice up and text me- that’s how you recover from a hard week 🙂

  11. No deep tissue massage but I to get weekly chiropractic care and massage but like the $$$ can be painful to the pocket. I really have no recovery secrets but I like how you do your recoveries by feel I approach my training in a similar fashion 🙂

  12. Deep tissue massages are the best. I mean, they hurt like hell when you are getting them, but then it’s worth it! My training is far from your intensity levels, but I just like to take a day off and maybe go for a walk or a swim. Stretching/yoga tends to helps out a lot as well. xoxo

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