June Recap

I already have a sneaking suspicion that hitting 300 miles monthly this training cycle is going to be my Achilles tendinitis.  For the last 3 months, it’s come down to the last few days of the month. Each month I’ve felt I needed more rest.  I don’t have an obsession with 300 miles, I have just found it humorous I keep making the goal and keep hitting above 290 but below 300.  The heat has been a factor too, it has really sucked it out of me some days.

Once again I had a few more rest days than I would have liked but in reality I think it’s just I had a few more rest days.  My body probably needs them more than I really know.

Total miles: 293

Total Rest days: 6

Total races: 3  (Nicknamed “The Races I’ve Run Alone”

Run for the Dream Half Marathon (1:27.53)


CHKD 8k (32:32)


Pineland Striders 10k  (41:03) (Recap tomorrow)

Longest Run: 20.5 in VA Beach

Shortest run: 1.6 mile cooldown at Pineland Striders 10k


Range of pace: 6:11-9:57

Most proud run:

The 20 miler I did two weekends ago.  I felt strong, collected and was about to negative split it.

Thoughts about this month:

For the most part, I did what I needed to do training wise.  I would have liked to do a few more races but realistically it didn’t work out.  By the end of the month my body was rather sore/tired that I knew rest days were a lot better than running through it.  All in all, I’m happy with this month of training.  I got in 2 solid 20 milers and built up my mileage despite the heat.  I’m not going to beat myself up about missing runs or cutting runs short in this heat.  Right now, my primary goal in training is stay injury free.  When it comes to August and September, I will start fine tuning and focusing my training more.

Outside of Running:

I’ve gotten a lot done outside of running too.  I have had a lot of run relaxing, hanging out and planning my wedding.  This month Tim and I were able to get a venue, photographer and wedding planner.  Now we have the important things to plan: booze and cake.

So far in July I know I’ll be doing the following races:

July 4th: Haddon Heights Firecracker 5k (Haddon Heights, NJ)

July 13th: Boilermaker 15k (Utica, NY)

I’m traveling the weekend of July 18th and I would like to find a 5k the last weekend in July (I just haven’t looked yet).

Questions for you:

How was your month of June?

What are your plans for July?

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  1. Hi, it looks like you’re having a great summer. My June was pretty good.
    I ran the Bay of Fundy International Marathon, BAA 10K, Smuttynose 5K and took part in the 1Mx26 Team Relay at Tufts.
    I set a new 1 mile PR and almost set a new 10K PR. My training has been pretty poor, but my racing is going very well. I didn’t set a marathon PR in Maine, but on a more challenging course I beat my Boston PR by 1:16 minutes. After driving the course I was thinking of a 4:30 finish.
    No plans for July yet. My running buddies are not doing much running this summer, so I need to find some new people to race with or be the lone ranger.
    I almost forgot, I got into the JP Morgan Corp Challenge at the last minute and set a 3.5M PR. Busy month!
    I need to find some races!

    1. Thanks Gracie for your feedback! I am trying to find something that is uncluttered and not overwhelming.

  2. You had a great month, you really did. I know July will be better too, I think getting some more races/workouts in, as well as some more long runs- you are really setting yourself up for awesome training and then a kick ass Wineglass race. June was a good month for me training, Hit more miles than ever in a month 🙂

  3. liking the new layout-except for the fact that the header is so small now. but it all looks clean which is what you’re going for 🙂

    i can’t imagine running 300miles a month, that’s awesome!! this month has been so crazy for me with moving, transferring army units, and adjusting to the time difference with the deployment. july is just as crazy since i’ll be gone for training for 2 weeks. when does the madness end?!

  4. June is ending with me barely missing 100miles again! Just can’t seem to get there! I know I will for sure in July when my marathon training really picks up. Then again it may not…I’m swimming Mondays for recovery instead of an easy run. I’m one of those people who think about getting injured and it happens so I am taking my rest/non-running days very seriously. Not much for planned for July. Just so ending as much time with my family and running as possible!

  5. OMG! You’ve had a fantastic month! I can only dream about a mileage like yours. I’m glad that you’re listening to your body and that your focus is on staying injury free. That’s the way it should be. I am pretty excited for July, I have a Spartan Beast scheduled for the end of July. I am super stoked but also kinda scared. Keep it up! xoxo Olena

  6. Hey new blog layout! Looks good! I’m floating the idea of doing the Pitman 4 miler on July 4th. I think I’d rather do the 5k in Haddon Heights but this one is right out the door. Decisions are hard.

  7. I like the cleanliness of the redesign. Maybe a few things to consider…enlarging your header photo, maybe having your most recent posts (maybe 3-5) instead of just one and then at the bottom having the link up to the longer list of most recent, and then maybe having the pages links at the bottom since you already have them at the top? That way the focus are the posts instead of the 3 columns right next to each other? It looks nice though! (not like your old one didn’t though…this one just looks more clean-cut, lol).

  8. Something looks different around here! Looks great, lady 🙂 And holy snap… 293 miles?! The only way you’ll ever find me travelling that far is by car 😆 Great job this month! Hopefully July is just as awesome for ya.

  9. I definitely know what you mean about feeling a “need” to reach something…I feel that way when i get back from my run at 7.90 and feel the “need” to keep running till my garmin says 8.00. But I am in awe that you listen Hollie, you said you took rest days when you needed to, and that is great! Loving the new design by the way 🙂

  10. Survive the summer for Fall PRs….my new mantra (I think I now have at least a dozen! That should make it easy to find one that applies to any sort of run, right?)

  11. June was a solid month for me.I finally feel like I am getting back into the swing of things. Marathon training has definitely helped. Plans for July include visiting my brother in NY and marathon training, lol

  12. Great month! You are doing well listening to your body and getting everything done. Definitely kicking butt and staying healthy.

    I have had some solid running weeks as well, loving the weather in the mornings – no races, didn’t have many in mind, but none worked out time-wise. Focus is on the kids and college visits etc, so the races will wait 🙂

  13. July plans are: 1) committing to this Sunday group bike ride. It is a great strength workout and I think will help me for running. 2) running in the morning and then immediately jumping in the lake 3) staying injury-free (please)! 4) visiting my parents on Cape Cod. 5) celebrating my b-day!

    Great month for you, Holly! What month is your birthday?

  14. Total June miles: 109
    July goals: I really want to pr one of my 2 5ks, one being July 4th and the other a local 5k July 13th, pr for me is anything under 24:55.

    Also build up my strength training. I say this all the freaking time but. I’ve always wanted toned abs and toned arms. I feel I have enough leg exercises with spinning and running but am my opposed to strengthening those up too. Thinking about investing in PiYo which my friend just became a beachbody coach for… Decisions decsisons

  15. June I had the most miles in a month 94.5 – I far cry from some of you but it’s what I can do. Hope to have over 100 in July, as well as working up to 20 miles for my long run, 16 is the most I have run. However I must confess that I so ready to cooler and let humid weather to run in. Happy 4th!!!

  16. I love the new font on the blog—so fun! June was my first multisport attempt. Won my age group but still some work to do. July is all about honing in on the bike and swim in prep for my early August A race!

  17. I still can’t believe you are getting married!!!!!! Geeze, whenever I read ur miles you do, I get a headache…then convert then to km and get even more jel.

    PS Love the blog design 😉

    PPs Netrition is amazing!!!!!

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