WG Marathon Week 6: 72 miles

This week has been a lot better towards my running than the previous two.  Despite traveling, I got in the miles I wanted in.  I got to race and generally (despite the heat) I felt good about my training.  Even though I only ran a few more miles than last week, I ran 6 days versus 5.  I decreased my daily miles and added an extra day.

With traveling I haven’t had access to a gym to do my strength workouts but that is fine.  I am glad my running has gone mostly as I would have liked.

Monday: 10.31 miles easy
Tuesday: 11 miles easy (then travel to VA)
Wednesday: 11 miles humid tempo (7:40 pace)
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Easy run with Kris and Kellie
Saturday: CHKD 8k (32.32) Total miles 8 Recap tomorrow
Sunday: 20.5 mile run
Total: 72



My miles this week weren’t incredibly fast.  In fact my tempo run on Wednesday was awful and I rank it as one of my top 5 worst tempo runs to date.

Why?  Because it was humid and I tried to run as if it wasn’t 90+ degrees with 95% humidity.  Oh well, live and learn.  As I said on Thursday, injury free miles are always my priority and they aren’t something I will complain about.

My run on Friday was a lot of fun.  I always have a great time with Kellie and Kris and it made the miles fly by.  It was like I blinked and they were done.


The main take away from the CHKD 8k on Saturday is I do need to do more shorter races.  I’m not doing speed work and I’m not doing a lot of shorter races.  Doing long easy miles is not going to equate to a speedier 5 or 8k.

Sunday’s long run was actually the best run I’ve had all month.  Everything felt good and the 20 miles went by extremely quickly.   I had had a mental block for a while about doing another 20 mile run.  After not feeling the greatest (due to heat and humidity and the added miles) during last week’s 18, I was nervous for this run.  I am happy to report that not only did I feel good but I ended up running a negative split.

So to summarize, despite having a few heat setbacks, this was still my best week of training so far.

My goal for this week is do something similar to last week and hopefully see some improvement in my weekly runs.

Question for you: Do you like to workout with friends or alone?