Wedding Updates: I have a Planner

As promised I will do a few more wedding posts.  In all honesty, although Tim and I have been engaged for nearly 2 months, we barely have anything set in stone.

We have a lot of ideas and appointments but nothing is exact at this point.  Both of us are laid back and we don’t want to feel rushed planning a wedding.  Plus I (personally) think part of the fun of being engaged is actually being engaged and planning the wedding.  Not rushing, stressing and trying to get it all done in one night.  If you finished planning a wedding in a month, then you have a few more to do nothing.

We plan to get married sometime April 2015.

While I haven’t found a venue I love yet, we have found a wedding planner (person) that we do.  Hopefully between her and an actual book we will be good to go.

When I worked in Oswego, I used an Erin Condren Design planner to keep track of appointments, work and running.  It was perfect for doing that.  When we got engaged, the one thing I did want to do was order a planner to keep on track.

I was ecstatic to work with Erin Condren and they provided me a $50 coupon code to buy a wedding planner.  (my planner ended up costing 65 with shipping so I payed 15).erincondrenweddingplanner4

After receiving the planner, I immediately noticed a 10 off coupon (good because I’ll need a life planner when they come out in June), as well as sample stickers and some great quote stickers.  All of which I like a lot.


There are a few things I look for in any planner:

  1. A monthly calendar (more important then weekly for me, I like to see long term and things as a whole)
  2. Space for a lot of notes and writing
  3. A spiral binding
  4. Thick paper because I write in pen

Again these are things I like…maybe you don’t.

Here is the question I received when I had the life planner from coworkers:

Is it worth the price?

So much space for note taking.
So much space for note taking.

For an Erin Condren planner with shipping, it will be about 50-65 dollars.  Honestly, it is worth the price.  The planner has everything you need and it built for function.  I got so much use out of my life planner that I won’t go back to a target planner.   I have a feeling the Wedding planner will be the same way but I’ll let you know after I’m married (that is a scary thought).

A to do list.  I need that.
A to do list. I need that.

I don’t review a lot of products on my blog and I don’t review any products that I don’t feel strongly about.  I feel strongly that Erin Condren planners are worth their price tag.

That being said they have also offered me a 50 dollar coupon code for you. 

Because my blog is not self hosted I’ll have to do the commenting version of entering the contest. 

Here are all the ways to enter (please leave a comment saying you did so.  If you already follow me or Erin Condren just leave a comment for each entry):

  1. Leave a comment saying how you keep organized.
  2. Like LOLZ page on facebook.
  3. Follow Erin Condren on twitter and like on facebook
  4. Follow LOLZ on twitter.
  5. Share on any social media platform (you can tweet, share on facebook, or whatever just please comment you did so.  You can do this however may times you want).  You could get 10000 entries if you are that into sharing contests.

A random winner will be chosen and announced on June 6th.


I bought my original life planner for 65.  I received a coupon code for 50 dollars for a wedding planner.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. I keep organized by obsessively planning! I have been using a Lilly Pulitzer planner for years, but I’ve been thinking about switching to an Erin Condren planner for when I start graduate school in the fall! It’s a bit more professional looking than my beloved Lilly.

  2. Confession: when you first tweeted about finding a wedding planner I thought you meant like a real person like J Lo circa 2001 in The Wedding Planner – haha!

    I usually just keep track of my life on my Google calendar – I have separate calendars for work, running and personal life that I can merge onto one.

  3. Love my Erin Condren planner. As long as they still offer the college option, I’m looking forward to ordering my new one in November/December (if not, I’m ordering it earlier).

  4. Already follow you on Twitter (that’s how I found out about contest). Liked your page on fb, already follow EC, I’ve shared on Twitter, and I commented earlier.

  5. I’m not the most organised but I do try by making many to do lists. The one thing I am good at organising and keeping track of is my training plan so I suppose that’s a good start! I love that wedding planner. I’m going to be maid of honour for my best friend next year and I think you’ve just inspired me to get her one as a gift. If I can’t organise myself at least I can help other people!

  6. Right now I just use Google Calendar, but I would love to get a planner to start writing stuff down again. I used to love to do that in college. Good luck with wedding planning!

  7. I love planners and need a good one to keep me organized and track my next marathon training. And I now follow you on twitter! Thanks!

  8. I LOVE my Erin Condren Life Planner. You are right – it has everything you could possibly need. I take it everywhere with me because it’s like my second brain! I have tried to put everything in an electronic planner but I find it hard to follow. I like to see things laid out a certain way and in vibrant color. Erin Condren has left no stone unturned. Enjoy!

  9. (not interested in winning the discount, just commenting)

    Having a paper planner like that sounds great. Ironically when we were getting married (started planning 24 years ago) it was before the web existed and yet I had everything in the computer – spreadsheets, word documents and so on.

    Couldn’t imagine having a (person) planner, but that was just us – it brought us satisfaction to control every detail (and since we paid for 95% of it that was also a factor!).

  10. I kind of laughed out loud/died a little inside when you said you felt like you were behind in wedding planning after 2 months of engagement. My fiancé and I have been engaged for five years now, and I think the only reason why we haven’t got married is because I’m too lazy/unorganized to plan our wedding. Maybe I need an EC wedding planner 🙂
    That aside, I use an EC life planner on a daily basis, the cost is definitely worth it. Those suckers are fantastic!

  11. I keep everything in my planner. I am one of those people that have to use a paper planner. No computer planning for this girl! The Erin Condren planner looks like it would be perfect for me.

  12. I’d love to win, thanks for hosting this (and that’s awesome that Erin Condren offers coupons like $10 off your next planner, etc). Plus the customized cover of yours is really cool.

    I keep track using a Lilly Pulitzer planner… unfortunately I spilt chocolate shake on it the other day after a workout so this month looks pretty ugly.

  13. I stay organized with a paper planner + Google calendar, but have been intrigued by these for a while.

  14. I try to keep organized just with iCalendar. I like that it syncs between my computer and phone. I literally only know what I’m doing in a day based on what’s on iCal, so if it’s not there, I’m going to forget about it, haha.

  15. Following you on both Facebook and Twitter. Now following Erin Condren on Twitter. I would love to win a planner. I have been looking for a planner to help keep me organized and have not been able to find one that will work out. I like the extra note pages. I have shared on my twitter as well. Good luck to everyone trying to win one of the wonderful planners. 🙂

  16. Love the custom planner for your wedding planning! Absolutely adorable! I use tech gadgets to stay organized but definitely prefer using a real, book with paper type planner.

  17. I liked your facebook page! I follow you and Erin Condren on twitter.

    I can’t wait to see how your wedding turns out! I did everything myself and was really happy with the results, but having a planner might have been nice. I had a notebook for all my stuff, but that was it.

  18. I currently have a Vera Bradley two year planner that only has a few months left. I love paper tracking my workouts! I follow all the social media as well! (@sas_rubel)

  19. I would totally enter this BUT I don’t do twitter. I’m not cool enough for twitter. Jon’s sister has that planner and loves it too. I like my cheapo Target one though. A wedding planner will be nice to have (like the person). I would have been LOST without Jessie being here the week of my wedding (even though she’s not a real wedding planner- but she totally should be). I have a feeling the day would have been a bit disastrous without her there. I’m so glad our engagement was short. Seriously. So glad. I hated every single thing about wedding planning and had it gone on any longer and had any more people asked if I was ready for the wedding, I think I might have lost my shit. Especially the week of. That’s ALL people want to talk about! But the wedding day itself was amazing and I’d have a million more wedding days if I could (just without the planning). I can’t wait till you get to enjoy your wedding! You’re going to love it! Lolzthatsmarried.

  20. I’m following everyone, now, and super excited about this giveaway! I’m a teacher and have only heard RAVE reviews about Erin Condren’s teacher planners. 🙂

  21. I LOVE my planner. I get so much use out of it. Remember those agendas from middle school? Decorating those covers signified a new start–of the school year, of sports, etc. Total type-A person over here! 😉

  22. and I follow Erin Condren on twitter 🙂

    Yes I am comment spamming with entries because now I really want one of these beautiful planners.

  23. Love Erin Condren planners! I am all about some to-do lists!

  24. well first off my name is Erin so it’s only fitting… 🙂 but really I use a planner and ical on my phone/computer. failing to plan is planning to fail in my book! I also follow both twitter accounts and liked the Facebook page!

  25. How do I keep organized? A planner! I’m not sure I’ll ever rely on my phone !

  26. I also adore following you on Twitter 🙂

  27. Those planners are so gorgeous. I’ve been eyeing them for a while but they are pricey! I organize by obsessively using sticky notes and putting them all over the place!

  28. Her planners are my FAVORITE and I’m not caught dead anywhere without mine. I’m incredibly particular with my planners too. I would love to someday get one for a wedding planner–when that day comes of course 😉

  29. I use my phone calendar (gmail) immediately when I have something to do. Then at work I use my outlook calendar and I added my gmail calendar so I can see everything played out at work. These planners look amazing though, I’m thinking I may have to get one!!

  30. I keep organized with my phone but would love to win one of her cute planners

  31. I am pen an paper kind of person (currently just use a cheap planner from target). When I am trying to plan things (ex: running schedule), I use lots of post-its and then put it in the planner once I have things ‘set’. I know there are fancy apps at this point, but there are some things being ‘old fashioned” about are better 🙂
    *Already follow you on twitter and have you liked/followed on fb & followed Erin on twitter 🙂

  32. I am pen an paper kind of person (currently just use a cheap planner from target). When I am trying to plan things (ex: running schedule), I use lots of post-its and then put it in the planner once I have things ‘set’. I know there are fancy apps at this point, but there are some things being ‘old fashioned” about are better 🙂
    *Already follow you on twitter and have you liked/followed on fb & followed Erin on twitter 🙂

  33. I am in desperate need of a planner, I keep saying I will buy one but still haven’t. I am a very organized person…. lol. ask anyone who walks into my apartment (which you still should visit even just for a day… just saying)

  34. I love love love my Erin Condren planner. I use it every single day in all my color-coded madness!

  35. What a cute planner! I barely stay organized…. I keep all my appts via Google Calendar, but nothing is kept in the same place. For an event, like planning a wedding someday, I can see how a planner would be totally clutch!

  36. I try to keep organized with planners, but somehow they always fall short. I hope if I win this, I’ll stick with it! I desperately need a system for wedding planning! Right now its a mishmash in a binder!

  37. I try to stay organized with lists but it doesn’t always work because I seem to misplace my lists often haha!

  38. I stay (somewhat) organized by putting important dates on my Google Calendar and then using a notebook for my to-do list. I need to cross things off to feel like they are actually done! Love the planner! I also follow you on Twitter.

  39. I keep “organized” by writing on my various paper calendars/sticky notes/notepads stashed throughout my house and at work. 🙂

  40. i keep organized with my erin condren life planner of course 🙂

  41. I’ve been engaged for almost 8 months and only JUST set a date/found a venue! Oops! I am obsessed with my life planner and NEEEEED the wedding planner. I love Erin Condren stuff so much!

  42. I used to use a planner, but now thanks to technology, use my calendar in gmail, and just pull it up on my phone. However, I think with getting back into the classroom in the fall, a planner will be key to keeping organized.

  43. I’m glad you love your planner! Those are definitely important 🙂

    I stay organized by typing everything into my phone!

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