Cherry Hill Diner

There was a period of a month that I didn’t go to any new diners.  I don’t know what I was thinking because I’ll never get to every single one in NJ at that rate.  I guess I’ll have to do some diner doubles sometime soon.

A few weeks ago Tim and I went to the Cherry Hill Diner.  We decided that we would go to a new diner instead of going to a nearby favorite.

Good for me actually trying somewhere new.  I’m the type of person that if I find a restaurant I like…why go somewhere new?  Why try something new, I already know I like this so in my eyes there is no need to try something I might not like.  We had driven by the Cherry Hill Diner several times so decided to give it a shot.

Atmosphere: B

The outside of the diner is very “dineresc”.  A lot of NJ diners look like normal restaurants in the front.  This particular diner looks like a diner out of the movies.   It is a red building with bright silver trim. So it looks the part on the outside.  The inside was two rooms with booths and tables.  It was slightly crowded but good.  It wasn’t out of the ordinary as far as diners go.

Coffee: A

The coffee was refilled quickly and they were able to accommodate my request of whip cream.  It was good coffee and apart from a small cup, I have no complaints.


Food: C

The menu is rather large with an entire page dedicated to different salads with lots of different options.  I ended up settling on the Greek salad with chicken as well as lentil soup.  Often times with a large menu, it becomes obvious that a diner has “no specialty”.  The food is all good but nothing is great.

As expected, the lentil soup was not exactly what I imagined when I think about lentils but it was still good.  It wasn’t amazing or great but it was good soup.

The salad was relatively small and dinky.   Most of the lettuce was white (ie: nothing) and there weren’t a lot of other vegetables mixed in.  (A few onions, tomatoes and cucumbers).  The chicken was good and one thing saving the salad from not receiving a lower score was pita bread that came with it.  After finishing the meal I found myself still hungry (which says a lot on a day I did not work out).

Cherry hill diner lentil soup

Lentil Soup

Cherry hill diner greek salad


Dessert: A

We tried their red velvet cake which ended up being delicious.  The frosting was a little more whipped cream versus cream cheese.  You guys know I like my whipped cream but I do believe that red velvet cake should always have cream cheese frosting.  What can I say, I’m a red velvet cake snob?  That being said, it was still really good so I don’t really deduct any points.  The Red Velvet cake actually saved me from ranking this lower.

Cost $

Between Tim and I’s meals plus two coffees and red velvet cake, the total was 32.  That is actually one of the cheapest diners we have been too with getting dessert.

Would I go back?

No honestly probably not.  Although it was nice to try a new diner, there are a lot better diners in that location.  If someone wants to meet there then that’s fine but I won’t go out my way to go back.  The food, service and overall impression was decent and I have nothing to complain about…however there are just better places in the area.  I might be inclined to order dessert and bring it home though.

Question for you: Are you a regular somewhere?


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  1. I frequent a cool, hip diner-like place near my work called Jelly (, which is somewhat ironic because I am neither cool or hip. It has breakfast all the time and an amazingly unique menu. My favorite is a lunch plate named for one of Denver’s famous historical figures, The Unsinkable Molly Brown. The dish is called the “Molly Hot Brown,” and it is Molly Hot Brown – House roasted turkey served on savory french toast smothered in green chili cheese sauce topped w/ bacon and griddled tomatoes. A-MAZE-ING!!!!

  2. These diner reviews crack me up. I say as long as the coffee and the dessert are both A’s, then the diner is a winner 😉 Happy Saturday. This makes me miss NJ so much. How far are you away from Morristown? I’ll be there over the long July 4th weekend!

  3. Ahh I love reading your diner reviews! I am considering started to do this at any eating places I eat!

  4. I actually think small cups of coffee are best, if they keep it refilled at least that way it seems hotter? Plus having whipped cream is a major win. I’ve never asked for it at a restaurant but maybe I will one day and that will be my measure of how good a diner is (kinda like how the chips and salsa are what really determine a good Mexican place 😉 ). Sorry your salad wasn’t that great, we love Greek salads and that’s one of our favorite items too… I hate when a salad isn’t bright and colorful; not just the health matter of it but I just think colorful food is more fun.

  5. I am the same as you with not trying new places. Once I find a favorite I’m like “Why go anywhere else?!” haha.

    I love the picture of you and Tim!

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