Broad Street 10 Miler (1:05.20)

I went into Broad Street with low expectations.  I had a great half marathon Spring season.  I was in the midst of a recovery period for the month of April.  The Broad Street 10 miler is a 40,000 person 10 mile race in the heart of Philadelphia.  It runs the street of Broad Street.  As a runner or even community member living in the tristate (NY, NJ or PA) you have to do this race.

The day before the race, Justin and I went to the race expo (Justin later was 15th overall).  I hate driving in down town Philadelphia (or down town anywhere) so it was not enjoyable.  Once I met up with Justin I had a great time.

Downtown Philly with Justin

Downtown Philly with Justin

The actual race:

I arrived with my coworkers with about an hour to spare.  My watch died or broke (why is this my freaking luck…I’m working on it) so I ran it garminless.

My coworkers and I hung out, stored our bag and went into our respected corrals.

Some of my coworkers and I

Some of my coworkers and I

I didn’t realize that with my previous half marathon times I could have applied for a seeded bib (How cool would it be to be F100 or something).  It wasn’t a big deal and I started in the “red” corral or technically corral 2 behind the elites.  We were off.  I had been warned that the first mile was very downhill.  I tried to pull in the breaks as much as possible because I did not want a repeat of last weeks half marathon (take it out to fast and be uncomfortable).  I hit the first mile in 6:36 (time on the mile marker).  From what I hear I think I’m one of the only people that the first mile was there slowest.  If that was a road mile course, it should be your PR.

The second mile I settled in my groove and felt a lot smoother then last week’s half marathon.  I hit the mile at 6:24.  Spoiler: I gave up adding and keeping track of splits from the race so those are the only two I got.

The third mile was neverending.  I was pleased that my pace seemed to feel comfortable.  Unlike last week, I wasn’t continuously getting slower.  It was different to have so many people nearby.  I really liked it.  At mile 3 I knew I had a good amount in my tank and could start slowly pick woman off.  (I really don’t care about beating males…sorry).

Mile 4, I saw two men in speedos.  I chanted: YAY more people in runderwear as I ran by…it was fun.


Photo Credit:

Photo credit: Elliot

Mile 5, we rounded city hall (the only real turn in the race) and from that point on I knew I had some power left.  So I just kept running trying to catch woman.  Once I caught one I would lock my eyes onto the next one.  I haven’t had a race like this in a while where I felt I could really progress and pick off people.  In fact, I think it has been since last summer.

The last four miles went by relatively quickly.  Mile 6 and 7 were spent focusing on getting to 8.  For me nothing beats (except crossing the finish line) having two miles to go.  I said in another post that on P90X they say “you can do anything for 15 minutes” and that has always stuck.  Having two miles to go signifies I should have less than 15 minutes to go and I can do anything for 15 minutes

I saw my main boss as well as Amelia at mile 9 and that got me pumped  up.  I was ready to go.  Mile 9 was the first mile I felt “antsy” without a garmin.  I kept staring in front wishing the finish line would get closer.  I thought we must be done (probably at 9.2 miles).  At 9.5 (at least I think so) I heard Justin shout go!  He already had his bag and stuff so I knew he must have done well (in reality he finished close to 15 minutes before).

The final .2, there was a cluster of four females including myself trying to out kick each other.  I finished 3/4 of those females.  I just could not get my turn over speed faster.  I finished in 1:05.20 and 71st woman overall.  (I believe 11th in my age group).

I also got to chat with Danielle and Amelia.  Gosh we have been seeing each other a lot lately and it’s fabulous.


Thoughts: I felt good finishing.  I am happy with how this race felt.  I would love to be able to race it as a goal race one year.  In the NJ half last weekend, I was about 10 seconds per mile slower but I felt about 100 times worse.  I was getting slower and slower where as during this race I felt effortless.  I think I could have held that pace for another 5k and ran about a 1:25.30 half marathon again. Two days later and I’m actually not as sore as I thought I would be.  I am pleased and ready to start marathon training.

Questions for you:

What is the largest race you have ever run?

Have you ever run Broad Street?


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  1. Awesome Hollie! I am so glad you went through it in so much detail as I am so sad I will be leaving Philly without doing this race as it is always the same weekend as our conference meet. It is right by La Salle, did you notice that? Sounds like a lot of fun, and I am going to live this through you as I am so jealous you did it! The largest race I did was probably the Philly marathon actually 🙂

  2. Nice job on your race! I wish that there were more 15k and 10 mile races around. I ran the Indy 500 Mini Marathon over the weekend with 35,000+ other runners! It is the largest half marathon in the U.S.

  3. Broad Street is my biggest race as far as number of people. I have run Broad Street the last 4 years, I love ruining this race.

  4. Good job! Did you get anything at the race expo? Those are always my favourite (discounts!!). My biggest race had the same amount of people as your race and I’m really not a fan of it 🙁 I prefer smaller races

  5. Boston Marathon is the largest race I’ve done. Second largest is the Falmouth Road Race in Falmouth, MA (Cape Cod). What a great distance and course – 7 miles of neighborhood and open road along the beach = Hot (in summer). The big one is held in August each year. I did the Falmouth in the Fall this past November and it’s the same course but MUCH smaller (and much colder and windier) 🙂

    • Oh – and congrats on your race! Awesome time and it’s great that you felt good too.

  6. wow! great race! I’ve never run Broad Street but after your recap I’m thinking about doing it next year:) I’ve never raced 10 miles but for some reason I think I would love it!

    The largest race I have ever run was my disaster of a marathon in Burlington a million years ago… and I’m putting it back away in the “race disaster drawer” ugh!

  7. Great job! Plus it’s neat that some of your coworkers ran and that you guys got to hang out at the race and you’re meeting other people there. Congrats on placing so high too, that is an awesome AG placement in such a big race :).

  8. You’re right, we have been seeing a lot of each other lately and I agree, it’s fabulous!! Let’s keep it up!

    So glad you had a great race!

  9. Awesome job!! I have done Broad St. (did it last year for the first time) and loved it. I’d have to say that may have been my largest race in regards to number of people.

  10. I must do broad street one day! I had a lot of college friends who always did it. I think the largest I ever did was Pitt this past weekend…it was indeed crazy packed! i think 30,000 runners.

  11. I’m so glad you had such a great race that felt that easy! It looks like a blast, and your friend Justin looks so much like a friend of mine that I literally zoomed into that photo on my phone to make sure it wasn’t Zach. Crazy!

  12. Nice showing! I totally relate to not being able to kick right now; I struggled to turn over my legs this past weekend when it counted. And there’s something to be said for picking off people. I get really intense about it on the bike these days. 😉

  13. 2014 Boston Marathon was my largest field marathon. They worked the logistics well so it was not overly crowded. Congrates on the great run.

  14. Sounds like you ran a great race and had fun! I can’t believe with that time, you were the 72nd female!!! Must have been some really speedy women there!!

  15. Congrats on a great race! That is a HUGE field of people to only have 10 miles to spread out! We don’t have any 10-milers around here so I’m interested in finding one soon.

  16. Maybe next year I will come do this with you… I hear it’s a great race. I am also super proud of you for being a metronome with your paces…especially without a watch!

  17. Awesome job! I love when I come away from a race and realize I’m hardly sore at all. Broad Street was a go to race for me in college… my friends and I tried to run it every year, but now it’s been so long since I’ve been back. Hopefully next year!!

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