Base Building Week 2 (60ish miles)

This could be the first time in a while that I chose to take two days off of running this week instead of one.  I don’t regret that decision because I had a pretty solid week.

Monday: 12.2 outdoors (8:13 overall pace) P90x Ab ripper
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 11.55 Treadmill (8:23 overall pace) Nike Training Club Alpha Abs
Thursday: 12.3 outdoors fast finish (7:43 overall pace) P90X
Friday: Cross train
Saturday: 12 miles easy (untimed, recovery) P90X
Sunday: 4 mile race

Each run I had this past week has been productive.  I cannot complain about any of them.  My body recovered really well.  I blame part of that on good nutrition and part of it on sleeping inside because it’s so cold.  It was very hard for me to take two days completely off of running.  My “junk/easy” miles were just completely removed from this situation which resulted in much lower mileage.

On Monday, I was able to get outdoors for a warm run.  Warm! I was wearing shorts.  I honestly didn’t believe the weather man when he said it was supposed to be zero the next day…

Incase you wondered those are large snowflakes

He wasn’t lying though and it was too cold to run outdoors on Tuesday.  I didn’t sleep well and felt really tired and sluggish.  I was a bit upset but knew that it wouldn’t be beneficial for me to run.  I talked about that being a top reason I like rest days here.

Then Wednesday I ran on the treadmill.  I didn’t feel bad nor did I feel great.  I felt bored.  After spending all of last winter logging 70 mile treadmill weeks,  I’m tired of the treadmill.  It has been boring lately.  Not even the Beibs, the Maury show or Ellen can keep me entertained right now.

Thursday I decided I would get outside.  I was not taking no for answer. I started off around 8:50 pace.  I had hoped for a faster paced run this week to work on my turnover.  I can’t really explain it but around mile 7 I just took a leap of faith and decided to push down from an 8:30 mile to 7:30 and hope I could keep it going.  After a 7:30 mile felt good I pushed further and ended up running the last four miles at 6:49, 6:44, 6:49 and 6:42).  I was really proud of this run and couldn’t be happier.   This is my favorite run of this training cycle.

Friday I decided to do easy cross training.  I had been back and forth about it because I knew taking 2 days off would equate to not running a 70 mile week but decided it was okay because I was hoping for faster runs. Then Saturday was easy to stretch out the legs, nothing remotely exciting.

Today (Sunday) I am doing a 4 mile race so I’m hoping it goes well!  It’s rather hill so anything under 6:30 pace will be good with me.   Although the race is hilly, it will serve as a nice baseline.

Finally please don’t forget to vote for me for Napa.  Enjoy the Superbowl!

Questions for you:

How many rest days do you take weekly? 

I normally either take one complete rest day or cross train for one day…but this week I did both.

Which team are you going for in the Super Bowl? 

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  1. I take every Friday off completely… usually I take another day for only cross training too, so I run 5x a week. That’s really enough for me right now, I’m seeing the results I want and it fits well into my life. I always get at least one full day off per week for my legs and body to recover and also just mentally, it’s nice to have that day to do other activities :).

    Good luck with your 4-miler today! I don’t really care about either team in the super bowl but oh well, I will watch the commercials at least.

  2. I usually take off or cross-train every Monday. Good luck on your race! I’m not a fan of either team but I’m a football fan in general so I’ll be watching and cheering for the Broncos 🙂

  3. I’m not a high mileage runner at all. Most I’ve ever run was 35 mpw. I usually run 4-5 days a week. When I do come back from injury that will change.
    Regarding the super bowl- I don’t usually follow football, but like to watch the commercials and half-time show. The food isn’t bad and company isn’t bad too. Its the one day besides the holidays where its ok to not count calories.

  4. I take two rest days on normal weeks, but last week I took three since I’m still in flu recovery. I’m hoping to get back to just taking two this week!

    And I am cheering for the Seahawks, but mostly because I hate the Broncos. It’s a leftover from living in Utah where everyone likes the Broncos including my old creepy boss! 🙂

  5. That is awesome you were able to run outside when it was “warm”. We have been having a very chilly winter, so I haven’t been outside much except to and from the car to head to the gym haha

  6. I normally take one rest day off where it is spent cleaning the entire house! I do wish I could find my running motivation though. This is my first winter living in a place where it snows and it is fair to say I HATE it. Oh well, hoping for warmer weather!!!

  7. Nice work Hollie!!! I typically take of Monday wirh the option to cross train and Saturday prior to a Sunday long run. Annnnd I’m a cowboys fan but if I had to pick a team today I’d go with Denver. Peyton manning is truly a class act when the sport has so few of those today. Love the cool drawings on your last two posts by the way lol 🙂

  8. We need a theme song for these base-building weeks. Or a secret handshake or hashtag. I’ve been taking one day totally off this training cycle, and Sunday ends up being a one-workout day. So far, this structure has been working–knock on wood.

  9. Normally I take every Sunday off but in peak training times I will do a little bit of running/cross training on Sundays every other week – so one day off every 2 weeks! When I’m just base training or in between training for big races I’ll take 1-2 days off each week as I feel I need!

  10. For ultra training I typically do not take a day off but what is scheduled as a rest day I use as an active recovery day with a short swim and/or a very easy spin on the bike trainer. These are not meant to build fitness but rather help love the junk out of my legs and they break up the monotony of running.

    Now when I get into Ironman training I will take that rest day as I do not need a mental break from the same sport but Mitch rather need to allow my body to relax.

  11. I normally take 2 rest days, and I don’t usually plan them, they just happen to be whichever days turn out to be the busiest, haha.

  12. I do envy you for being so passionate about the treadmill, it’s actually changed my perspective on it a bit. But it sounds like you reached the point where you needed a break from it. Good on you for getting outside for a few days, and congrats on placing in the race!

  13. Solid week of training, Hollie! I enjoy my days off. I just cut myself down to one rest day this past week. I started in December with three days off, then two in January. I agree, the treadmill can be lame, but it’s better than falling on your ass.

  14. I love your drawing!
    I’m voting for you daily, thanks for entertaining us with your memes!

    I usually take 3 days off from running, but I XT. I wish I could run more, but I’d rather run my sad 4 days, than being injured and not running at all, obviously.

    Great week of running Hollie!

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