Climbing the Mud Mountain Training Week (70 miles)

This week has been a good week training wise.  I am starting to feel more confident in my training but I know I have quite a long ways to go.  I feel like I’m honestly starting to climb up a big mountain that is layered with mud.  I want to get to the top (ie back in peak fitness) but I don’t know how long it will take and since I’m impatient and I want it to happen right now.  Here is a photo of my training that accurately depicts how this cycle will go.  I’m not sure why I only opted to draw pants on one of my figurines but I guess that is how it goes.


Since this is a running post, I updated my early 2014 race schedule.  2014 is all about piling on a lot of shorter races in between longer.  (For instance 3 5ks and half monthly would be perfect for me). That being said, my wallet does not agree with $30 dollar 5ks so I will be planning accordingly.

Monday: Untimed 12 around my neighborhoods
Tuesday: Untimed 13 in the State Park
Wednesday: Hangover 5k (19:42) total miles: 13
Thursday: Untimed 10.21 around my neighborhood
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 11.1 miles on the treadmill (8:33 pace).
Sunday: Planned Freehold Winter 5k Series Cancelled
10.8 miles on the treadmill (Mountain climber program ranging from incline 1-9.0) 8:47 pace
Total: 70

All of my untimed runs felt surprisingly good.  I’m not sure if that was the cold weather numbing my body or I actually felt good…but I did! 

Next week I would tentatively like to be around the same mileage with another rest day. After my last injury in 2012 (my cyst) I’ve either taken 1 day off or cross trained weekly.  I’ve still gotten the same amount (if not more) mileage but not running 7 days a week and having a rest day has kept me injury free.  (At least in my opinion so I will keep going with that).  I didn’t really want to run on the treadmill on Saturday but it was very icy out and I don’t trust myself in the ice anymore.  Since I don’t have a good record with ice (remember when I slipped and fell breaking my arm on ice in 2012?) I opted to be safe and run indoors.  The run went by quickly and that was nice.  I watched a documentary on feeding stingrays…living it up.  I ran by a local runner who I’ve made good friends with since moving to NJ.

The 5k series I’m planning on doing is every Sunday until February which negates my long run possibility unless I do it mid week.  I don’t plan to run 15 miles the day before or run 15 miles directly after a 5k.  I don’t have a need to do anything above 15 miles right now so that will probably be my long run if I choose too.  Sadly it was cancelled this week due to bad conditions (not really a big deal but I was looking forward to it).  I decided to go to the gym and do the “mountain climber” treadmill program for an hour and a half.  I maintained an even 6.8 pace the entire time when ranging from incline of 1.0-9.0.  It was probably one of the most challenging workouts I’ve done and actually I will *try* to do it once per week.  I know I’ll be sore tomorrow.

That’s all the excitement through training I have this week.  Just trying to keep warm in this arctic tundra that has hit the East Coast (and all across the US).

Questions for you:

Do you take a rest day weekly?

I will alternate between a rest day and cross training day depending on how I feel.

What is your race schedule looking like in January?