Base Building (54 miles)

I guess this is my first week you could say I’m back.  I haven’t had any aches, pains, bumps or bruises (minus the normal ones) so I can start preparing for Spring Racing.  From now until January I plan to run base, easy miles.  By January I would like to have maintained this base and begin more races.

Monday: AM: 6.2 miles around the lake
PM: 1 hour AMT cross trainer
Tuesday: 6.2 miles around the Lake with Tim, core
Wednesday: 7.75 miles, easy
Thursday: 6.2 miles around the Lake with Tim (so cold), core
Friday: 7.5 miles around the Lake
Saturday: 13.8 miles with Tim
Sunday: Tentative: 6.2 miles around the lake, core
Total: 54 miles


Last Sunday I took the day off to recover from my 10 mile race that Saturday.  My legs felt heavy for a few days after the race last weekend (as they should). It was a 7 minute pace and that is the fastest pace I’ve run in 2+ months, of course I would be sore and have led legs until roughly Wednesday.

I mentioned last week that there is a lake right near my house and it’s a nice 10k loop to go around.  This makes it easy because I know the distance and can just run.  I don’t need to bring my watch or worry about time, pace or getting lost.

Saturday, Tim and I were supposed to do a 10-12 mile run but we got lost.  While running around a lake, we took a side path which led to a state park.  By the time we found our way out of the park we were at 10 miles and 3 more to go home.  After I finished I thought about how I used to run that long nearly everyday…I can’t fathom that right now.

Next week thoughts:

I absolutely have no idea.  I would like to keep my mile train rolling and keep with about how many miles I got this week.  I’m running easy and untimed and nothing hurts so I would like to keep doing that.

This isn’t really that exciting of a post.  I am glad to be back on track and running injury free.  Now that I don’t have any aches or pains I can say that I have missed running more.  The two weeks after the marathon wasn’t rough and a much needed rest but the three weeks that I was inconsistent were not enjoyable.

Questions for you:

How was your weekend?

Do you like base building or speed?

I like the period of base building where I do races for speed.  (Which is essentially my entire training).

A poll for you…