Race Cheating

A few days ago I read a post by Coach Cane.  After the NYCM last month I remember reading several tweets about finding people who cheated during the marathon.  Since I was close to seeing the light I couldn’t even imagine knowing where exactly to cut corners and not being caught, ect.  I also didn’t and still don’t know the course very well.  Finally it never occurred to me to cheat during a road race, then essentially I would have continue cheating the rest of my life to maintain my cheated times.

But there are plenty of people who cut corners or miles in road races.

It really made me think about the actual benefit to cheating yourself and cutting a corner (or few miles) in a road race.  In many smaller road races it is easily feasible, especially if you know the course well.  All you have to do is run down a side street and suddenly you’ve cut off a mile or 10.  In a big marathon like New York City with timing mats every mile and people scouring the results?  Not so much.

Part of me doesn’t understand and will never understand why someone would cheat during a road race.  If you are competing for yourself, why cheat?  Why put in so much time and effort and then produce a result you cannot even claim is yours?  Then if you choose to run another race you would have to cheat again to gain the same results?  Because you cheated and ran a “PR” you must cheat again or you will probably not “run” that time again.

How about cheating to get into Boston?

Gaining a BQ because you only ran 22 miles…does that make it more worthy?

I guess to me it’s both sad and disheartening that races must now hire or find people to weed out cheaters.   The reason I love running so much is you are truly running for yourself and no one else.  Your times are for you and you alone.  Since the vast majority of runners are not professional why is there even a need to cheat?

Question for you: Thoughts?